Best Regular Seeds

The Benefits of Regular Seed Cannabis

regular seed

Regular seeds are those that follow the natural reproduction process and offer growers an equal chance of male and female plants. They can be bred through a process called pollination where growers brush male plants against their female specimens to achieve fertilisation.

It can take a lot of work to weed out the males, but it is worth it in order to produce strains that have exceptional traits like high yields, flavour profiles, or colours.

They are cheaper

The cost of regular seeds is significantly lower than feminized varieties. This makes them more affordable for growers, especially those with limited cultivation space. However, they do require more care to ensure that only female plants are planted. This is because male plants will pollinate other plants and destroy the entire harvest if not removed.

Fortunately, sexing can be easily done by removing male plants early into flowering. This will help ensure a high percentage of sexy buds. Alternatively, some cultivators prefer to keep the plants as they are for breeding purposes.

Regular strains like Amnesia Lemon and Jilly Bean offer the perfect combination of uplifting effects with calming indica traits. The aromas of citrus fruits and tangerines uplift the mind, while the soothing smoke calms the body. These strains are often available in limited runs and can command prices above $20.

They are more stable

Regular seeds offer a wide range of benefits to growers, including the ability to breed new strains. However, they require a greater level of experience to cultivate and bring to maturity. This is because they produce both male and female plants, which means that a grower needs to carefully monitor the sex of the plants and remove any male plants before they pollinate their female counterparts. This process can be time consuming and requires constant observation, but it is important for maximizing yield and ensuring the highest quality buds.

In contrast, feminized seeds are more stable because they are created by stressing female plants. Feminized seeds eliminate the need to identify and remove male plants, which can save time and space and help to maximize yield and potency. However, feminized seeds are more susceptible to hermaphroditism and may have lower genetic stability than regular seeds. This can be frustrating for growers who are hoping to create a specific type of plant.

They are easier to breed

Regular seeds can produce both male and female plants, which makes them a good choice for experienced growers. When the plant flowers, it will naturally release pollen and fertilize other plants. Some breeders will collect the pollen from the male plants and cold-store it in jars for later use. This allows them to create new strains and maintain the genetic lineage of the cultivar.

Another reason that many growers choose regular seeds is because they are cheaper than feminized seeds. This is because it takes time to eliminate the male plants from a growing crop, and this process consumes a lot of water and nutrients. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, produce all-female plants that can be more expensive to buy and grow. They also have a higher risk of hermaphroditism, which can lower the quality of the buds. In addition, feminized seeds may have a limited gene pool, which can lead to genetic weaknesses.

They are more vigorous

Until the 1980s, regular seeds were the only ones available for cannabis growers. This variety is photoperiodic, relying on the light cycle to mature into cannabis. Its cultivation tends to be easier, as it forgives rookie errors and setup experimentation.

Aside from its cost-efficiency, regular seed is a popular choice for growers looking to breed their own strains. They are more stable and provide greater genetic diversity, allowing for the possibility of phenotype variation.

For example, a Chemdawg strain made from regular seeds might have a stronger aroma and higher yield than one made from feminized seeds. This is because regular seeds produce both male and female plants. When brushing pollen from a male plant against a female plant, fertilisation occurs and offspring are born. This means that you can have both male and female offspring from a single plant, while feminized seeds only produce female plants. This leads to a more consistent harvest. This is important for growers that want to produce multiple harvests.

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