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For those growers that enjoy breeding their own strains of cannabis or who love old school genetics such as Skunk #1 and Durban Poison, we offer a range of regular seed. Regular seeds can produce male plants and require careful selection to ensure the females are not pollinated.

This can be a time-consuming task but is worth it for the advantages they provide over feminized seeds.


Often, breeding plants involves crossing strains with desirable characteristics. Breeding can be done in a number of ways, including artificial insemination, cross pollination and selective cultivation. The goal is to produce new cultivars that can be used for food, fuel, fiber, landscaping and other purposes.

To achieve the highest quality seed, producers must use proper fertilization and water, adequate isolation (for cross pollinated crops), roguing of off-types, and strict handling and storage conditions. It is also important to maintain good plant vigor throughout the growth process.

Growers who wish to produce their own strains will find that regular seeds offer them the most freedom. This is because the seeds work exactly how nature intended, with a 50% chance of germinating as male or female plants. This is the key to creating new cultivars and generating superior clones. In addition, these plants offer higher yields than feminized and autoflowering varieties. This is because they are free from human tampering and can produce the pollen that produces the most potent buds.


Cloning is a way of producing exact copies of the original plant from which they were taken. This method is very common in the cannabis industry and allows growers to retain and nurture desirable qualities of a strain while avoiding genetic variation.

To create a clone, growers cut a portion of a mother plant and encourage it to develop roots. The cutting can be placed in water or a growing medium such as rockwool (common for hydroponic growing) or soil. It’s important to choose a branch with several nodes (branching stems) on it so that the clone will have a good chance of developing healthy roots and becoming a robust, mature plant.

Clones cost more than seeds to produce, but they offer many benefits for growers. They are guaranteed to be female plants so you don’t have to worry about watching for males and can harvest faster than with seedlings. They also grow much faster than a seedling because they skip the germination and seedling stages.


Our regular seeds are carefully bred to ensure high germination rates and healthy plants that best represent your chosen cultivar. However, the success of your harvest will ultimately depend on whether you can successfully eliminate male plants and prepare them for breeding with a desired parent plant (in this case, a female one).

This task is much easier when you grow regular seeds, since they produce a roughly equal proportion of male and female cannabis plants. Nonetheless, it is important to plant more seeds than you intend to use, so you can cull any male plants and still have plenty of females to breed.

Amnesia Lemon regular delivers the citrus qualities you’d expect from a classic sativa cultivar, with lemon, orange, and tangerines tickling your taste buds while uplifting your mood and mind. In contrast, Moby Dick regular has a more medicinal bent, with a hearty cannabinoid blend soothing your mind and body as it brings smiles to your face and energy to your movements.


Whether you’re an experienced grower or a novice, you can make the best use of regular seeds by breeding them to create your own strain. Breeding is a simple process that uses male and female marijuana plants to produce new seeds.

The study of heredity or genetics is a fundamental branch of biology. It’s why we can trace our family trees back generations and why Babylonian tablets more than 6,000 years old show pedigreed horses and dogs.

Genetics also explains why two plants in the same environment might respond differently to similar conditions. This phenomenon is known as nature vs nurture and is one of the central principles in genetic research. Depending on their environment, genes can either express themselves or remain dormant. Traits that are influenced by a single gene usually follow predictable patterns, like eye color or hair type. Other traits, such as height or flowering time, are determined by a complex interaction of multiple genes and environmental factors.

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