Best Regular Seeds

Why Regular Seed Is Better Than Feminized Seed

regular seed

Regular seeds operate as nature intended. They have a 50/50 chance of germinating into female plants that produce buds and male plants that produce pollen. They also have a much higher rate of genetic stability.

If you are a breeder or want genetically sturdy clones, then regular seeds should be your choice. However, they can be difficult to grow and require more effort.


Many growers choose to use regular seeds for breeding, as they produce a higher proportion of female plants than feminized seeds. This makes them ideal for commercial growers who want a specific ratio of male and female plants in their crop.

The most common use of regular seeds is to breed them into clones, which are small replicas of the parent plant down to their chromosomes. These clones can then be used to produce new seeds, or grown as mature plants with their own set of unique genetic traits.

In order to make a successful breeding experiment, the seeds should be planted in a location that is conducive to the desired plant type. For example, if a grower wants to produce a hybrid strain that produces a lot of resin, the seeds should be planted in a climate with lots of humidity and cool temperatures. They should also be planted in rows to facilitate outcrossing.


Cloning is a process that reproduces plants as if they were seedlings. Many trees, shrubs, and vines produce clones of themselves naturally. The offspring of a cloned plant are genetically identical to the original mother plant. This is known as apomixis. Clones are also a great option for home growers who need to ensure consistency in their medication. Compared to seeds, clones are less likely to suffer from genetic issues or pests.

A clone will develop to the same age as its mother at the time it was cut. It is therefore a good idea to cut clones in the vegetative stage. Trying to clone plants in the flowering stage can lead to a lot of stress for the clone. It may even revert to its vegetative state and fail to produce buds. When making clones, it is important to use a nutrient-rich growing medium. Rockwool is a popular choice, but you can also use soil if you prefer.

Genetic purity

The genetic purity of a variety is crucial for seed production. Varieties are bred to perform in specific environmental conditions, and if they’re grown in different areas, it’s possible that developmental shifts will occur in the form of dissimilar plant phenotypes. These shifts can reduce the performance of the crop.

To maintain genetic purity, breeder seed is grown in isolation and rogued thoroughly at various stages. It’s also critical to ensure that the seed is free from physical contaminants, such as soil particles, plant debris, and weed seeds. This is achieved through careful adherence to a number of quality assurance protocols, including isolation distances and inspections of growing fields at critical stages.

Genetic purity is especially important for wind-pollinated crops, such as maize. During the conditioning process, contaminating pollen can mix with the variety’s own pollen, leading to off-types and poor vigour. This can lead to serious deterioration in the variety’s performance. Fortunately, new DNA-based methods such as restriction fragment length polymorphisms can be used to check seed-lot genetic purity more accurately than traditional isozymes.


Regular marijuana seeds produce a mixed batch of male and female plants, and are the best choice for growers looking to create their own hybrids. They’re also less expensive than feminized seeds, and offer a better return on investment per harvest.

Herbies Seeds offers a great selection of regular cannabis strains, and their prices are lower than those of other seed banks. They also have a top germination rate and include free seeds and useful branded gifts with every pack.

SSSC regular seeds were produced in the 1980s before feminized cannabis was available, and they still hold up to today’s standards. This collection contains THC-rich, potent cultivars that are perfect for intermediate growers. They take ten weeks to flower, and produce heavy colas that require attention to detail. The flavor profiles of these strains are rich and complex, with citrusy and earthy notes. A favorite among old-school smokers, Bruce Banner regular has THC levels of up to 29%, making it one of the most powerful indicas in the SSSC regular collection.

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