Best Regular Seeds

Why Regular Seed Is Better Than Feminised Seed

regular seed

If you’re a breeder, grower or simply prefer to avoid having male plants pollinate your entire crop, then regular seed is the way to go. These seeds produce a naturally balanced proportion of female and male plants.

Nevertheless, growing regular seed requires that you carefully “sex” your plants and discard any males. This can be a challenge for novice growers.

Stable Genetics

Unlike feminised seeds, which produce male plants that will pollinate females and lower harvests, regular cannabis seeds are guaranteed to produce both male and female plants. For growers that want to keep the quality of their harvests high or are looking to create clones, stable strains are an essential part of their collection.

Stable strains are created through generations of in-breeding, with selected F1 specimens being crossed with one another to create segregating F2 populations. This process is a labour intensive and time consuming endeavour.

It requires a lot of patience and significant investment, as opposed to the ‘fast buck’ mentality that can be seen in some seed suppliers who cross male and female plants without considering stabilisation and optimisation. Look for seed companies with a strong track record of customer service, plenty of repeat customers and cannabis cups as signs that they take their work seriously and are in it for the long haul.

Cheaper Seeds

If you’re a first-time grower or a seasoned cultivator looking to cut your costs, consider buying regular cannabis seeds. You can get some of the best strains for less by taking advantage of sales and other promotions.

Check the germination rates of seed companies before purchasing. If they boast an in-house germination minimum that’s above federal guidelines, this is a good sign their seeds are full of vigor.

Rocket Seeds, for instance, offers 20 seeds for the price of 10 on select strains, free shipping over $200, and a reshipment guarantee if your batch doesn’t meet 80% germination standards.

Crop King Seeds, Beaver Seeds, and Sonoma Seeds also offer similar deals to help you save money. Herbies Seeds is another great source for high-quality regular seeds, as well as exclusive cultivars like Banana Punch and Royal Highness that you won’t find anywhere else. They also have some of the best 24/7 customer support around, allowing you to contact them via chat, email, and phone.

More Varieties

Even though feminized seeds took the spotlight for decades, regular seeds are still the preferred option of many cultivators. They are photoperiod and tend to forgive rookie mistakes and setup experimentation better than feminized varieties.

They also offer more varieties. Because they produce both male and female plants, regular seeds can yield different phenotypes. This allows growers to explore the full genetic potential of a strain or create their own cultivars by selective breeding and backcrossing.

If you’re looking for a variety of flavors and effects, we recommend checking out our selection of regular marijuana seeds. We have a wide selection of strains, including the legendary Chemdawg and the powerful Blueberry. These strains are packed with classic indica earthiness and potent effects. Try them out today! We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. You’ll love our high-quality and fast shipping. Then, you’ll want to order more strains from us! It’s easy to do and our prices are very competitive.

More Vigorous Plants

Regular seeds don’t have the same advantages as feminized seeds, but some growers prefer them for their robustness. Plants grown from regular seed have to be sexed during their vegetative stage, and this can take some time since you need to inspect your plants almost daily.

This can cause problems if you’re growing a cultivar that has a high percentage of male plants, which need to be removed before they pollinate the female plants. This can reduce the overall yield of a harvest.

Many growers find the sexing process exciting, though, and this can be a good reason to opt for regular seeds. You can see the results of your efforts during the flowering phase, and you might even discover a new phenotype that could improve your overall experience with a particular strain. These strains may require some extra care, but they can also provide an exciting challenge for the experienced breeder. Lemon Pie is an excellent example of a cultivar that has been produced from regular seed and offers an impressive yield.

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