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What Is a Seed?


In computer programming and security, seed is a value used to generate a random number. It can also be a set of values that creates a random algorithm.

A seed contains everything a plant needs to start growing. It has a hard seed coat, embryonic roots and stems, and a food supply called endosperm. The seed starts the germination process by imbibing water, which causes it to swell and split its coat.

Johnny’s Seeds

Johnny’s Seeds specializes in perennial vegetables, herbs, berries, and flowers that come back year after year. Its seeds are high quality and easy to grow, making them a great choice for gardeners. Its customer service is also top-notch. The company ships quickly, and if there are any problems with the shipment, they make it right.

Founded in 1974 by Rob Johnston, the company named itself after Johnny Appleseed. His goal was to find better-tasting, easier-to-grow varieties that adapt well to short-season climates for fresh market farmers and home gardeners. The company’s research farm in Albion, Maine is certified organic by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. In 2002, the company relocated its warehouse and shipping facilities to Winslow, a few minutes from the farm. The facility houses the company’s offices, a retail seed store, and state-of-the-art seed storage. In 2005, Rob Johnston and his wife, Janika Eckert, donated conservation easements on the company’s property in Albion and additional acres of land proximal to the farm to the Maine Farmland Trust.


Burpee is a full-body exercise that provides both strength training and cardio conditioning. It combines a squat, plank, and push-up into one exercise and is often done in sets as part of a workout.

A common mistake in performing the burpee is arching back when jumping up from the push-up position. This can lead to an aching lower back. It is also important to maintain a proper range of motion when lowering down into the push-up, and many people fail to do this correctly.

This workout can feel tough because it is a fast-paced movement that requires speed and power. It can also fatigue the body faster than other bodyweight exercises. Burpees are ideal for a high-intensity workout because they burn calories and build strength and endurance. They are also a great option for people who want to improve their balance and coordination. Burpees can also help athletes perform better in other sports because they increase muscle strength and stamina.

Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s endangered garden and food crop diversity. Its mission is to encourage and support people of all ages and backgrounds to grow, save, share, and use heirloom seeds. SSE offers a wide variety of educational materials on topics such as growing for seed saving, biodiversity preservation, and seed and land stewardship.

SSE is located on 890 scenic acres in Decorah, Iowa, at Heritage Farm. Its gardens, orchards, and visitor center are located among wooded bluffs and valley pastures. Visitors are invited to traverse trails connecting the site’s many seed gardens, heritage orchards, and remote gardens. SSE also offers an annual seed catalog and an online database of heirloom varieties. If you’d like to offer your seeds through the SSE website, create a profile by clicking “Add Listings.” Once your listings are created, they are active for one year. To re-offer the same seeds each year, go to the Add/Edit Seed Listings page and click the checkboxes next to the varieties you’d like to offer.

Seed is a small, hard part of a plant from which new plants grow. People often use the term to talk about the beginning of a feeling or idea that gradually develops and becomes stronger or more important. For example, someone who plays well in tennis might be referred to as a top seed.

A seed is an article that is very short, but which has the potential to grow into a useful, informative, and well-written article. It is an excellent way to introduce a topic and spark reader interest. A seed is usually a short article with little information, but which could be improved by a knowledgeable editor after some research.

Select Seeds carries a wide selection of rare heirloom flower seeds, vegetables and herbs, as well as garden-themed contemporary art. Their website offers photos and artwork that stoke the horticultural imagination, along with tips to make gardening easier and more rewarding. They also offer a wide selection of organic seeds.

By Weed Smoker

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