Best Regular Seeds

The Benefits of Regular Seed

regular seed

Regular seeds preserve genetic stability and are important for breeders to create new strains. They also offer a greater variety of phenotypes, each with unique characteristics such as growth pattern, leaf and stem development, scent, yield, insect resistance, terpene profile, and THC/CBD ratio.

However, many growers have forgotten about regular seed since the advent of feminized seeds. So, why should you choose them?

They are cheaper

Many growers choose regular seeds because they are cheaper. They are also easier for new growers to manage. They require the gardener to separate male plants from females and to collect the pollen, but this is not an insurmountable task for a novice. Moreover, regular seed still allows for the production of new genetics by crossing different varieties.

Regular seeds preserve genetic stability, which is important for breeders. This feature is beneficial for preserving desirable traits in future generations of cannabis strains. They also offer the potential for phenotype variation, which can add variety and excitement to cultivating marijuana.

Moreover, regular seeds do not undergo chemical treatments such as benzothiadiazole, gibberellic acid, silver thiosulphate, or colloidal silver. Therefore, they are much cheaper than feminized seeds. They are also more suitable for outdoor growing, especially when there is limited space. However, they are not as ideal for beginners as feminized seeds. The reason is that they have a higher risk of producing male plants, which will need to be removed.

They are easier to grow

Regular seeds are easier to grow than feminized seeds, but require more time and attention. This is because they need to be sexed and male plants removed at an early stage. This is often a challenge for first-time cultivators, but it’s essential for preserving the integrity of the plants and producing a high-quality crop.

It is also possible to create phenotypes with regular seed, which is important for developing new strains and maintaining genetic stability. This is particularly important for breeders, as it allows them to explore the full potential of a strain’s genetics.

In addition, a predominately female crop makes it easier to manage a harvest, as there’s no need to deal with male plants. This is particularly useful if you want to produce a crop at a specific time of year. It’s also a great way to practice your growing skills and develop your understanding of the cannabis plant. This way, you can improve your yields and bud quality in the long-term.

They are more stable

Regular seeds are prized by some growers for their ability to produce a variety of phenotypes. This is a big advantage, especially for breeders as it allows them to experiment with different strains and create new varieties of cannabis. However, there are some things to keep in mind when cultivating regular seeds. It is important to make sure that the growing environment is stable and that there are no male plants present. Otherwise, the resulting plants may be intersex or hermaphrodite.

Aside from their phenotype variation, regular seed also preserves the genetic stability of the plant. This is beneficial for breeding purposes and to ensure that the desired traits are carried on into future generations of the plant. Regular seeds also require sexing to remove the male plants, but this is a small sacrifice when you consider how much faster feminized seeds can grow. This reduces the cultivation time and increases the overall yield of your harvest.

They are easier to breed

For gardeners who are interested in creating new strains, regular seeds are a good choice. These seeds produce a natural proportion of male and female plants, which can be pollinated by each other to make more seeds. They also allow growers to discover and preserve unique phenotypes that can be used for future breeding projects.

Using regular seeds also allows for a predominately female crop, which makes it easier to manage. This means less wasted space and fertilizer, as well as the potential for a larger yield.

Additionally, growers can use their regular seed to cross different varieties to create new strains. This process is called back crossing, and it requires a certain level of skill to achieve the best results. Using regular seeds can also save time by eliminating the need to sex each plant, which often leads to a waste of growing medium and fertilizers. This can be very beneficial for experienced growers who want to preserve and propagate their own strains.

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