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Which Marijuana Varieties to Grow?

Marijuana (Cannabis sativa), also known as cannabis, is the most widely used and trafficked illegal drug in the world. The plant has been used for hundreds of years as a recreational substance by many cultures all over the world. It was widely cultivated as a primary source of fiber, seed and oil throughout history, primarily used for religious, cultural, spiritual and culinary purposes. Some of its most well-known uses were for medicinal purposes and for recreational purposes, making it a highly sought after substance in many parts of the world.


Sativa is a short spiny plant that grows wild in many parts of North America. Its scientific name is “Cannabis sativa”. As its name suggests, it only grows to a height of two to five feet tall and is usually found growing alongside grasses. It grows best in full sunlight throughout the year.

Sativa has the distinct characteristic of being a dense, dark green bushy plant that grows on wooded areas with very little or no water. Its leaves are oval in shape and very thick, with the leaves themselves becoming leathery and dark brown in color when fully grown. The stems are short and very thin.

Sativa’s seeds have the unique trait of being sticky. This makes it easy for marijuana users to roll the seeds into a ball and use them like a cookie. They also have a strong aroma that can be quite powerful if you’re smoking marijuana with a small amount of the herb or when rolling the seeds into a ball. This odor can also be released when using buds from a marijuana plant, especially the higher quality buds.

Sativa can also be grown indoors using hydroponic mediums. This is a great method to grow the plant in your own home because it allows the entire plant to be hydroponically grown in one growing medium without taking care of the roots and growing out the flowers or leaves separately. The plants don’t need to be kept in a specific area, and you can keep them anywhere in the house that receives full sunlight and good drainage. The biggest challenge when growing the plant indoors is keeping the humidity levels in the room high enough for it to grow properly and for a year or more.

Sativa can be a very hard plant to grow and requires a lot of maintenance. It can be expensive to buy seeds, and start the plants yourself if you’re just starting out, especially since it is a long lasting, low maintenance variety that needs very little to keep in top condition.

The weed or marijuana plant that is best known as Sativa, the most popular variety, is grown mainly for its psychoactive properties and has long been considered a milder version of the cannabis plant. The most common form of Sativa is indica, which has a more potent kick and is often found in high end strains of marijuana.

Both Sativa and indica can be used in many different ways for different purposes and both have their own health benefits. If you’re interested in finding a high quality product to grow indoors and have a hard time deciding on which strain to grow, you can search online to find information on the various types of Sativa and Indica to help you make an informed decision about which is the right type for you.

Sativa, while not as potent as the other strains, has a longer and sturdier growth period than some of the others, so it is often considered a better choice for beginners to begin with. Some people choose to grow the Sativa variety in a more outdoor environment because of the more rapid growth and better yield. You should know that it is more difficult to grow indoors, and that you will have less harvest if you do not keep the soil in good shape.

The indica variety on the other hand, has a more long term and slower growth, but is said to produce better flavor in some cases. While some people enjoy the smell from indicas better than others, indica grows slowly and maintains a lower yield. This type of marijuana may be better for those who are looking to start their own business or have a more permanent place to work with.

If you’re interested in growing the indica variety, you should understand that you need to grow the seed indoors in the same way you would grow the Sativa. Since the seeds for indica can be placed directly into the pot, they can be planted in water or in the soil, making them easy to spread and transplant if you are growing indoors or plan to relocate them. Indicas are much easier to cultivate indoors because they require less attention and are typically more forgiving.

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