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Sativa Indica – A High Yield Seed for Maximum Potency

cannabis indica is a perennial herb growing plant native to east Asia but now of international distribution because of widespread cultivation. It has long been cultivated in the Asian countries of India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand and China, but in recent decades it has become popular throughout the world mainly due to the use of its oil for medicinal purposes.


Sativa is the generic term that can be used to refer to all the species of the genus Cannabis, and indica and ruderalis are two subspecies of the sativa family, the indica species being the most common in North America and ruderalis growing on the island of Hawaii and in other tropical climates. Sativa has two main varietals, indica and ruderalis. Sativa has a long history of use in North America, especially in California’s central coast, but has only recently become popular throughout the rest of the country and the world.

The most commonly used cannabis indica is the hybrid indica ruderalis or “Rudy”. This is an indica that produces an oil that can be extracted with a solvent. This oil is then used to make different kinds of gels, balms and shampoos for skin care.

The seed of sativa indica has a sweet and pungent flavor and has a very stimulating effect on the senses. It has a similar effect to that of indica and ruderalis and has been compared to indica but not as dense in flavor.

Sativa seeds are most commonly harvested and dried when they are just below the maturity of their flowering season. The best time to harvest seeds is during the late winter and early spring when the bud is at its youngest. This is also the best time to dry the seeds to prevent mold and fungal growth. Seeds are best taken out of the sun when the sun is shining but not too hot, as this will cause the moisture to condense on the seeds.

When you purchase the sativa indica seed, do not save it for future uses as you may find that it loses its scent when it is planted the next season. The scent will become permanent if you plant the seed the first time and then try to replant it next season.

Sativa indica has a great variety of uses for those interested in getting high. and a good strain to start with is indica.

Sativa indica seed has many different kinds of uses, as it has the potential to produce very potent and tasty gels and balms. It can be mixed with other plants for a more relaxing effect or used in its pure form for a stronger sedative effect. Sativa indica is also a good choice for beginners who want to try a very high yield plant without the risk of using too much.

Sativa is also known for having a powerful sedative effect. It is recommended to combine a moderate amount of this plant with another high yield plant that has a lot of and ruderalis in it. The effect will be somewhat of a combination of the two. For example, taking two hundred grams of indica and forty grams of ruderalis with ten or twenty grams of Rosemary will have about half the effect of indica.

Sativa has been used for many years for weight loss because of its ability to reduce appetite. Many people who use it have found that it helps them to lose ten pounds in just three days. The effect is short term only so one should try to increase the amount of dosage every three days if they want to see positive results.

Sativa can also help relieve some of the symptoms of cancer by acting as a sedative and in many cases, a mild pain reliever. It is a natural antiseptic and is very effective in fighting against stomach cancer and for stomach ulcers.

Sativa indica is also very useful for people with arthritis, aching muscles and joint pain. It is a good choice for many forms of cancer, including breast cancer.

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