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A Guide to Growing Regular Seed

It is important to have some knowledge about the various types of cannabis before you can grow and enjoy it. If you are new to this field, then you may be having a hard time in finding out how to choose the right type. This is because different kinds of cannabis require different growing conditions and also have different attributes. So, here is a brief introduction about the different types of seeds of cannabis.

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Indica: This is one of the oldest and also one of the most popular strains of cannabis. This strain of cannabis has the reputation of being easy to grow, produces a lot of buds and is known as an indica strain. It can grow in a dark location and also have very low maintenance as long as you keep it properly watered. This strain of cannabis needs to be planted directly into the garden after it is fully developed. In fact, you should even start the flowering process by planting it directly into the garden. So, when you begin to grow, it is always best to assume that half of the plants will be females.

Sativa: This is the type of cannabis that produces the large and potent buds. It has the reputation of being hardy and resilient and also being easier to grow. This strain of cannabis is also referred to as the warrior weed and can produce an abundance of buds if planted into the right location. It requires more water and will need to be fertilized more frequently than an indica strain. When growing, you should always ensure that the plant receives a good amount of moisture throughout the day as well as when it is dormant.

Sativa will also require more pruning and trimming compared to indica strains. The reason for this is because this strain of cannabis has a lot of branches and leaves. It requires a large amount of space to grow and also a lot of sun as well. This is also why it will require a lot of energy from you when growing it.

Indica: This is the second most popular strain of cannabis after sativa. This type of cannabis is considered the classic form of cannabis. It is the most popular form of cannabis worldwide and is also the one that are commonly used. to produce many different strains. This type of strain can grow in an indoor environment with the use and will require less maintenance as long as you give it good light, water and fertilizer.

Indica will grow in an outdoor environment but not the same way as sativa. Indica will grow tall and the buds will also be more dense compared to sativa. Indica will also have more stems as well, which are shorter and can reach up to six inches. However, this type of strain of cannabis will produce the buds that look like a tall tree.

Sativa: This strain of cannabis is also known as the queen of cannabis and is considered to be the most powerful of the strains of cannabis. It is known to be the most potent and is also considered to be the most hardy strain of cannabis. This strain of cannabis grows fast and grows in an indoor environment that has enough space to grow.

It is important that a gardener that wants to grow this type of cannabis must know that this type of cannabis will grow in an indoor environment but not the same way as indica or sativa. It takes more space than indica or sativa and requires more water than indica or sativa.

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