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How To Determine the Sex of Your Regular Seed

A common mistake among people that are new to growing marijuana plants is to believe that all seeds are the same. This can lead to confusion when trying to determine the sex of a plant. The general rule is that the more mature a plant is, the higher the chance of it being a male or a female. However, there is no way to determine if a seed will become a male or a female plant without flowering. After the second week of growth, you can find the sex of the plant by noticing the differences between male and female flowers.

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When a plant has flowers and you remove the flowers from the pot, you should notice male flowers growing inside. If you remove a male flower, it will usually fall off and leave a seed on top of the pot. The seed from the female flower will fall down inside and a male flower will often be found at the bottom of the pot. If you see the seeds in the pot after the flowering phase, it may be a male flower but this does not necessarily mean it is female. Sometimes a seed from a female flower will drop from a plant that has finished flowering and it will have a male flower on top of the pot. The difference between the male and female flowers is easy to spot once flowering has started.

Female flowers are usually shorter than the male flowers, and some will be as long as the male flower. The female flowers will also be more fragile and will be more susceptible to damage while they are growing. Many times a woman will choose to keep a male flower to use in conjunction with a small female flower that has been in her garden for quite some time.

When you are trying to determine the sex of a cannabis plant by examining its flowering cycle, it is important to remember that a plant that has already begun flowering is most likely going to be female. In order to determine the sex of a cannabis plant, you will need to wait until all of the flowers have bloomed before you do anything else.

You will also want to be aware that a regular seed that has bloomed will have a tendency to produce buds that are larger than those that are grown using seeds that are dormant. These buds will be slightly smaller in size than the buds that are grown in an unharvested state. buds that have been dormant. A dormant marijuana bud is a good seed choice because of course, and it will start to flower again as soon as the plant matures.

Another thing you may want to consider is the color of the leaves that you see when you are looking at your cannabis plant. The leaves on an unharvested bud will be a light green color and the leaves on a bud that has just bloomed will be a darker green color. The reason that the buds are darker green is because they have more pigment in them. The buds on a flowering bud are going to be lighter in color because they haven’t had any time to fully develop.

A flowering bud will also have a much stronger scent if it has been sitting for a longer period of time. The smell will be the strongest in a bud that has bloomed since it is the only one that hasn’t had the opportunity to develop a scent.

Once you have completed the flowering stage, you will want to take a look at the color of the petals on the plant. If a flowering bud has petals that are brownish green in color, it means that the flowering bud is male.

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