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Regular Vs Feminized Seeds – Why They Are Better

Regular seeds are aromatic and small seeds that grow to be about half male and half female plants. These plants are generally not edible. Most commonly, marijuana seeds with female flowers are used for developing new hybrids and breeding. Male plants are not used extensively for this purpose, though some of them may be useful for the grower’s collection. Some advantages of growing cannabis with regular seeds are as follows:

regular seeds

Regular seeds provide a higher yield of cannabis and thus are sought after. Breeding through these regular seeds is simple, as they are not very difficult to breed. The best strains of cannabis are determined through genetic analysis. Some of the best strains of all have been discovered and are being successfully propagated through breeding.

A major advantage of breeding through regular seeds is that feminized seeds provide a greater yield than regular seeds. This is because feminized marijuana seeds can withstand more stress and can also grow at a faster rate than regular seeds. Thus it is possible to produce feminized marijuana seeds through a meticulous breeding process.

Another advantage of growing through feminized seeds is that the plant can adapt to a wider range of growing conditions. Regular seeds cannot tolerate extreme climatic conditions, such as winter or heat. These seeds, especially those with females, do not grow well in cold water or extreme temperatures. In such growing conditions, the plant would stop growing, since the survival rate would be much lower than normal. However, through breeding, the plants can be kept healthy even under harsh conditions. Hence the plants are able to produce large buds, and thus grown under adverse growing conditions.

Some disadvantages of breeding through regular cannabis seeds include the possibility of cross-contamination between buds produced from the same species. Cross-contamination can easily occur if the female flowers of one plant are shared with another blossom on the bud. There are ways to prevent cross-contamination, however. The best way to ensure that no harmful bacteria or fungi are present on the buds is by ensuring that only one female flower is used in making the cross-breed.

Another disadvantage of breeding regular seeds vs. feminized seeds is that it can reduce the intensity and quality of the final product. The final product may have some defects that can affect its durability and taste. If cross-pollination occurs, there is a possibility that some of the good traits of each flower blossom could be eliminated. This means that the final product may not be as desired as it could be.

Through regular strains, the chance of cross-pollination between cannabis flowers is very low. Cross-pollination is highly undesirable because it can lessen the concentration of essential marijuana constituents. Moreover, some plants can be grown with little or no use of seeds, making cross-pollination more difficult. For these reasons, breeding regular strains of cannabis is considered to be more beneficial.

Hybridization allows for the production of diverse types of cannabis strains through combining two cannabis plants together that are of different species. Through this process, hybrid cannabis seeds can be produced that have a greater probability of yielding more potent and desirable strains. The combination of two plants has allowed for the evolution of traits such as herbicide tolerance, disease resistance, and others. In the past, breeding regular seeds and feminized seeds was a challenging task but thanks to modern technology, it has now become a simple procedure that does not require great effort.

Aside from the benefits of producing regular and feminized buds, some people prefer to cultivate a specific type of cannabis strain. There are those who prefer to grow medical-grade cannabis, which is stronger and has lesser risks compared to its recreational counterpart. Others prefer to cultivate hybrid marijuana, which is an improved form of regular marijuana that shows a greater potential for creating a better product. Whatever the type of marijuana strain you choose, it is important that you follow the instructions carefully.

Before starting to breed regular cannabis seeds, make sure that you do not destroy all the natural potential in these plants. If you destroy their natural conditions, chances are that they will not yield as well as they could have. You should also take note that the time span for a plant to complete its flowering stage can be greatly shortened when using feminized seeds. It takes around three months for plants to develop and produce viable buds.

These factors make regular seeds feminized more preferable than feminized ones. However, there are other important considerations that you should keep in mind when choosing between the two. When it comes to price, regular seeds are more affordable since they are easier to obtain and you don’t have to spend a great deal of time cultivating them. On the other hand, feminized cannabis plants are significantly more expensive because they are more difficult to produce and take more time to mature.

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