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An Introduction to Autoflowering Plants

When growing outdoors, some gardeners prefer to germinate seedlings inside because they’re more delicate at the beginning stages of development. Indoors, you’ll provide supplemental sunlight to help them along and transplant them outdoors when large enough. Most indoor seeds you’ll find are regular, garden-type seeds as mentioned above, but there are some other kinds you may encounter. Some of these “alternatives” include: Indica, Anise, Suma, Bellaccino and Jamaican Blue. We’ll go over each one of these in more detail below.


All of these plants have very similar growing requirements. They’re very hardy, don’t need a lot of maintenance, and produce healthy, strong flowers. However, their respective seeds are very sensitive, so care should be taken when deciding which variety to grow from seed. Here’s a quick guide to differentiating these seeds and the best way to get started.

The biggest issue with indica strains is the potential for them to be cross-contaminated (knock off) by other weed species. This typically happens if the grower doesn’t properly space their plants. Space them so they have about three feet of space between each other. If you want to go easy on your plants, try to space them less than a foot apart, or use low-level growing pots.

There are some distinct differences between the genetics of the plants. For starters, Jamaican Blue is one of the strongest varieties of cannabis sativa plants out there today. It’s full of nutrients and has very powerful buds. This makes it great for growing indoors, especially in a vertical growing structure.

A lot of time and energy goes into producing good, high-quality Jamaican Blue strain. After it is harvested, it’s tested to make sure that it is free of any harmful contaminants. Once the test is complete, only then are new seeds harvested and sent out to gardeners across the globe.

Another important distinction between these two top strains is the sex of the plants. Indica females lay more than half of the seeds in each litter. And just like indices, females produce large amounts of seeds when they are pregnant. But unlike the male cannabis seeds, female plants do not throw their seeds in the air. They stay put in moist, dark places inside the plant.

All three of these cannabis strains are excellent for indoor growing. They are strong, fast growing, and adaptable. However, they also have their drawbacks. Many hybrid varieties, especially indica, have been crossbred to create new stronger and faster growing strains. In turn, many of the hybrid varieties have higher concentrations of THC than sativa. These newer strains are highly popular in recreational marijuana users.

When choosing which marijuana seed to buy, it’s best to pick a high quality brand that is proven to produce high quality buds every time. Some companies that specialize in this specialized product will even allow you to request specific type of flower or seed you are looking for. If you choose an exceptional company that produces high quality products that are consistent in production and yields, you can be sure that you are getting original, quality plants that will do well no matter what location you place them in. The best companies in this specialized industry will guarantee a minimum of 95% coverage of their product’s genetics. This guarantees that your plants will grow just as good when grown in your particular climate.

The best way to tell if a strain is truly one of a kind is by seeing if it has a photoperiod. This term simply refers to the time between the time of light exposure and when the first buds appear. This helps breed true genetics as the effects of crossbreeding are completely passed on from generation to generation. Some of the most common traits of a good marijuana strain include traits like fast growing, high yield, low stress, tight structure, and ease of maintenance. These traits make ruderalis the perfect choice for indoor growing.

Hybrid strains of both sativa and indica are a recent phenomenon, and the results are just as varied as the hybrids themselves. Indica is known for being extremely aromatic, full of land, and slow to grow. Sativa, on the other hand, is extremely hardy and able to grow in the most difficult environments. Sativa traits include a sweet taste and can be used to control many types of pests including scarabs, aphids, ground beetles, and ants. Hybrid strains have come on leaps and bounds recently, creating new hybrid strains that tap into the potential of a plant even more.

Autoflowers can be used in hydroponic or soil based growing mediums, producing beautiful flowers. They work by using the principles of water circulation, gravity, and time by timing the light and water cycles so that the plant is exposed to the proper amount of light and temperature for optimal growth. Auto-flowering plants provide an environment that allows a continuous cycle of growth without the need for soil or care. This provides a clean, natural environment for the cannabis plants to thrive in.

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