Best Regular Seeds

Choosing Regular Seed – The Pros and Cons

Regular seed packets are nothing but a piece of paper containing tiny pieces of marijuana. These pieces of paper contain the name of the marijuana plant and the amount of marijuana contained in the packet. While these little pieces of papers make for attractive advertising, there are some more important things to be kept in mind when buying seed packets.

Regular seed packets usually come from one male and one female plant and hence can produce either female or male plants. However, it is almost impossible to determine if a regular seed will become a male or a female in the future. This is because some of these seeds have very strong sex hormones in them and as such, when they produce females, the potency of the sex hormone in the plant reduces, making them female-looking. However, when males get the seeds, the potency of the hormone increases making the plants unmanageable.

For most people who grow cannabis, consistency is what matters most. In any growing season, irrespective of the type of plant being grown, the plants get the same amount of sunlight, water and nutrients. Therefore, when one is looking for a particular plant, in order to get consistent flowering and productivity, one needs to know the specific needs of the plant.

There are three main varieties of cannabis plants: Indica, Sativa and Hybrids. All three types of plants are known to grow in distinct ways; however, there is a slight difference between each one of them that affects the way they are cared for and cultivated. The most popular varieties are Sativa and Indica, with each having their own individual characteristics that differentiate them from each other. Sativa and Indica plants both have short leaves, dark green foliage, and are most famous for being the most popular strains of cannabis.

It is very common for females to start flowering at the same time as males, thus resulting in the plant bearing two or three buds at one time. As mentioned earlier, Indica and Sativa are the two major varieties. They also follow a different schedule in the flowering stage. For instance, in Sativa, the flowering stage occurs about three weeks after planting whereas in Indica it happens about three weeks after planting. Some hybrid types may take as long as nine weeks to flower.

To help in nurturing the plants better, it is better to use feminized autoflowering seeds. This ensures that the plant gets all the nutrition it requires to reach the flowering stage in a more timely manner. These feminized autoflowering seeds are special because they contain high levels of estrogen that ensure that the plant does not go into a rest phase as it matures. Hence, the plant will reach the flowering phase faster.

In general, the best way to find the correct cannabis plant strain is by performing cross-breeding. Cross-breeding involves combining two specific cannabis strains so that the characteristics of both can be observed. The best way to do this is to source two different kinds of plants from different sources and see how their offspring would develop. You can then collect the leaves of one of the strains and collect the buds of another strain. Then you can mix the three plants together and see which of them produces the best results. If you do this experiment with good care, then you can even get a strain that has desirable characteristics like disease resistance or pest tolerance.

There is a downside to cross-breeding though. If the feminized ones produce early blooming plants, then the chances of those plants being able to survive the harsh environment are reduced greatly. Hence, the overall quality of the plant will end up being low. It might even be necessary to discard some of the seeds. If you choose regular seeds, then you can be sure that you can always rely on the plant for any kind of unexpected crisis.

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