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Regular seeds, also known as African Daisy seeds, are the product of inter-breeding between a female (semil) flower bud and a male (drip-seed) plant. In cannabis cultivation, these seedlings are generally the product of cross-pollination from nearby flowering plants. The African Daisies are highly desired for their vivid purple and orange flowers. They are named after the Queen of Sheba in the Bible, who is credited with creating cannabis. In ancient times, the Bible referred to the cannabis plant as a miracle crop.

There are several advantages to autoflowering seeds. The advantage of cross-pollination means that plants that grow best together will tend to produce crops that have greater yield than any other plants or even plants that grow best on their own. Cross pollination can take place when plants are grown in the same garden. This is usually encouraged by planting two close neighbours close together so that they can grow alongside one another. In addition to aiding cross-pollination, it also helps plants produce more rapidly. Some plants such as the greater celandine, Belgian tulip and true bloodline tulip can produce spectacular flowers in six weeks while it may take four years for comparable tulips to flower.

Autoflowering seed systems enable the early harvests of cannabis. The early harvests on seedlings grown using this system are not only higher but yield much better too. Some people believe that cross-pollinated plants have lower potency and hence lower potency seed. However studies have shown that cross-pollinated plants do not have lower potency levels in comparison to non-cross-pollinated plants. Cross-pollinated seeds produce high quality flowers and leaves. Many users believe that the early harvests of autoflowering seeds produce more intensely flavoured cannabis.

Some disadvantages of feminized seeds are that they can be used to produce all kinds of cannabis. Autoflowering and cross-pollinated seeds can be used for indoor and outdoor production and in some cases even to produce aroma-based cannabis. The disadvantage of using feminized seeds is that they can not tolerate exposure to different weather conditions and are not very versatile. The cannabis produced using this method tends to be high in resin. This resin affects the flavour of the final product.

Some critics argue that the theory behind using female chromosomes to create marijuana is not sound. They point out that the theory does not explain how a plant can develop from a regular seed into a high-quality, aromatic product. The critics further argue that the theory of developing feminized seeds from female chromosomes is inconsistent with the way plants grow. Plants grow in different ways. Some grow close to the top of the ground and some grow on the ground. Even if the theory does hold good for plants that grow on the ground, it cannot apply to plants that grow in potable water.

Some experts believe that genetics may play only a small role in the creation of different strains of cannabis. Others believe that it is very important because certain genetic combinations result in certain types of plant structure. In some cases, only a single set of chromosomes has been used to produce specific traits. If the same set of chromosomes is used to produce two different types of plants, the chances of them being different strains are very high.

Some experts point out that although regular seeds may not be suitable for growing certain types of plants, they are still easier to germinate than feminized seeds. This is because the regular seeds that are used for cultivation are capable of being dispersed easily by seed spreaders. These seeds have been created by crossing one set of chromosomes with another. On the other hand, the feminized seeds are capable of being crossbred. Because of this, there is a great possibility that any two plants can contain the same traits, resulting in plants that are very similar to each other.

As these advantages can allow new growers to save a lot of money compared to seeds that must be purchased each time they want to harvest a crop. In addition, they also have the advantage of being able to produce crops that yield higher than traditional breeding methods, which makes cannabis cultivation more lucrative. Many new growers also consider these advantages to be the main reason why they have chosen to raise their own cannabis plants. While they still need to invest on purchasing the right equipment for growing and maintaining their crops, they no longer have to purchase regular seeds and have to spend a lot of time and effort to crossbreed the plants.

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