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Different Strains of cannabis – How They Grow and How They Produce Different Effects


Different Strains of cannabis – How They Grow and How They Produce Different Effects

Seeds and marijuana are one of the oldest drugs found on the planet. All over the world marijuana use has been associated with social, political, and economic aspects of the community. Weed or seeds is highly cultivated, not only for its medicinal value but it also provides people who consume it a sense of freedom and power. There is an increasing amount of awareness among the masses regarding the harmful effects caused by marijuana use. However, this article will look at the different types of marijuana and seed.

Sativa or Autoflower seeds are the most popular form of cannabis. This strain produces a strong, bitter type of berry, which is commonly known as marijuana. The most popular types of auto flower seeds are Diesel, Colly, Chewy, Hurt, Lemon Grass and Cinderella. Diesel, Chewy and Cinderella are some of the strains that are popular because they contain high amounts of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main ingredient that is responsible for giving cannabis its high. General legal warning: Autoflower seeds are illegal in many countries, please be aware of the law concerning seeds, paraphernalia and related products associated with cannabis culture.

Sensi or Asian hybrids are another common type of cannabis. These cannabis strains grow tall and low to the ground unlike regular cannabis. In addition, they also have longer, darker and thicker stems than regular cannabis. Many Asian growers integrate different herbal ingredients, like cloves and ginger, into the maturing process of sensi strains.

Another variety of cannabis that is very common is the indica or Angelica hybrid. If you’re looking for a strain that contains a lot of medicinal benefits and is fairly easy to cultivate, then the indica would be an ideal one to start with. It has many medical-related names such as Jamaican indica, Hawaiian Kona, Thai basil and others, but the most common is Italian (Iris) indica.

There are many things that make the Thai Chai a better choice when choosing a good quality strain. This type of seed is a cross of the Sativa plant and the Indica plant. Many people refer to Thai Chai as India Pale or Indian Sativa strains. Thai Chai is a cross between sativa and indica. Thai Chai was originally used as a breakfast treat in Thailand before it was taken up by indoor cannabis growers and smokers worldwide.

The third type is the Thai Chai Jamaican. This particular type of cannabis seeds is a cross between indica and sativa genetics. This makes this a good choice if you’re looking for a highly potent and long-lasting bloom. Due to the way these types of flowers grow, it can take two years for a single flower to bloom; therefore you should expect to see buds in bloom for around two years.

When comparing the differences between the three types of cannabis strains, you’ll find the Hawaiian variety is the most similar in its physical structure. In addition to this, the plants of the same species also grow in different temperatures and are found growing in different locations around the globe. The Australian and Brazilian Chai are the only ones that do not typically grow in sunny climates. Other differences that have been reported include differences in the amount of trimming needed to produce the desired results as well as how the buds are formed.

Despite the differences, all three types of flowering plants are highly effective in producing powerful, mind-altering effects. Some of the differences have to do with the way the plants are grown and harvested. Many people refer to indica strains as weed-less, because the plants don’t need to be completely removed from the plant to produce the desirable results. Most plants will produce small amounts of buds if they are grown indoors under specific conditions; however the ability to produce large amounts of buds is limited to the genetics of the plant. Regardless of the differences between the three types of cannabis, the fact remains that they are all highly potent psychoactive plants that should be treated with caution.

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