Best Regular Seeds

Growing cannabis with regular Seeds

Regular seeds may well be the average regular cannabis plant seed; but they certainly offer many possibilities for experimentation. The reason they’re known as regular seeds is that they’re essentially representative of every variety of cannabis that exists (indica and sativa being perhaps the two most common varieties). They’ve all been created by nature to do one thing and that’s to make the cannabis experience more pleasurable.

regular seed

So which of the numerous varieties of cannabis should you grow? The answer largely depends on what you hope to get out of your plantings. Do you want to create a super strong cannabis strain, full of mind-altering kick but without any real body kick? Or do you want a robust, sedate strain that only provides an initial high, allowing you to focus on other things like work or relaxing?

It’s important to realize that not all strains are created equal. For instance, if you want a super high with absolutely no mind-altering effects whatsoever, then you can achieve that by breeding indica and sativa strains. Just be aware that creating your own ‘recipe’ may well take a lot more work than simply buying a good seed at the garden store and planting it. Let’s talk about some of the characteristics of some of the best indica strains and how you can best utilize them to get the highest potency from your plants.

One of the most important things to know when considering the best seeds for growing cannabis is where in the flowering phase of a plant is. Indica and sativa seeds are best sowed on beds in early spring, producing seeds at the beginning of the season. However, hybrid seeds are often sown in fall or winter, yielding late-blooming plants that may flower earlier than hybrid seeds. This is because the female flowers are made to bloom during the male’s flowering phase. Hybrid seeds are also often crossed with regular seeds to increase their potency, but this may have unwanted side effects if you are not sure of your intentions. When crossbreeding regular seeds with hybrid and Indica or Sativa flowers you create new and unique products, but you do risk producing something different than what you started with.

The two classes of cannabis seeds strains are known as Indica and Sativa. Sativa is the weaker of the two classes, containing less of the chemical called CBD, which is the substance that creates a high when used alone. Because of this low concentration of CBD, most regular seeds strains contain a high concentration of THC, which is the active ingredient found in cannabis. It is recommended that when growing cannabis that you use high quality marijuana that is bred for specific purposes, and to avoid using seeds strains that contain both CBD and THC. The two combine to make a more potent product, which is why Sativa is the better choice for indoor growing.

Some people prefer the taste and smell of indica over sativa and for many this is true. However, with growing outdoors, the plant needs to be exposed to warmer temperatures and shorter hours of daylight. This means that it will produce lower quality buds, and because it cannot handle these weather changes, the plant can suffer during the flowering process. Indoor cannabis seedlings are best grown in bright windows that receive direct sunlight throughout the day, and with ventilation holes in the bottom of the grow light to allow air to flow through to the lower levels of the plant. This means that indoor cannabis seedlings can handle the climate change better than outdoor plants.

Indica and Sativa produce high-quality and highly THC dense buds when grown correctly. This means that using regular cannabis seeds with regular cannabis seeds will result in an undesired hybrid product that is far stronger than what you were expecting. Some people also crossbred indica and sativa to create new hybrid strains, but these often result in the creation of super strains that have very high potency and very strong fragrances. For this reason, many prefer to start with regular seeds and harvest later, resulting in higher quality buds.

Another advantage to starting with regular seed rather than female plants is the faster rate at which the seeds can be harvested. Some indoor growing enthusiasts grow outdoors only to later crossbreed the plants with female plants and produce new strains. This eliminates a lot of time spent cultivating the best strain and allowing the gardener more time to spend relaxing on their garden.

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