Best Regular Seeds

Regular Vs Feminized Seeds for Growing Indoor Marijuana Gardens

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Regular Vs Feminized Seeds for Growing Indoor Marijuana Gardens

Regular seeds are tiny seeds which grow into about 50 percent female and half male plants in a year. Typically, marijuana plants which have male flowers are intended for breeding and making new hybrids with the help of these seeds. The male plants grow more and produce more flowers. This proves that they are capable of doing so. However, these seeds when planting in outdoor garden cannot be used for such purposes and can only provide relief from the indoor pollution or even the diseases and pests present in our environment.

Such regular cannabis varieties that can be grown indoors on windowsills are feminized ones. When feminized, these seeds produce regular flowers. These can be sold easily in flower shops and even in online stores. The best part is that these are easily available in the market and do not cost a lot. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

Indica marijuana: Indica is one of the best choices among all other feminized seeds. The male plant produces female flowers during the flowering season, which results in two shoots which are the opposite of each other. It produces a super high quality with very little bitterness after cooking.

White Wisteria: White Wisteria is another great cannabis genetics used by many growers worldwide. It is famous for its thick smell, stunning foliage and the ability to produce stunning colors. However, as this plant is also a feminized seed it cannot be sold in flower shops. A simple grower must ensure that this variety is planted in full sun to avoid getting destroyed by the heavy frost. It also requires a lot of watering.

Moonseed: This one is another one of the regular cannabis seeds used for potencies. It has a rich taste, good aroma and an exceptional effect in buds or small truss. This variety is best for indoor growing because it produces a strong fragrance and a beautiful effect. Since it is a feminized seed, it cannot be directly sown but can be successfully reproduced by different varieties of feminized plants during a cross pollination process.

Sativa: This one is one of the most popular among all strains due to its amazing and exotic taste. It is also one of the most expensive. However, due to its popularity, it is very hard to find, thus it is always included in all marijuana breeding projects. A successful breeder can create a cross between almost every regular cannabis seed except the African Sativa, which is very rare. Some of the best Sativa strains are listed below.

Haze: This is the best hybrid between two strains, the Sativa and Citronella. It actually produces very good quality buds and is one of the most expensive. Unlike other feminized seeds, the pollen produced is very strong and very fragrant. The pollen stays on the plant during the entire flowering period hence when harvesting, the stalks are cut short to prevent the pollen from scattering around. The young stalks are cut so that the flowering buds get the best of the cross pollen.

Autoflowering Seeds: These autoflowering seeds are very much similar to the regular cannabis seeds. However, they have been crossed with a famous feminized plant known as Cappuccino. They are best suited for indoor growing and produce very good quality buds and also some very large flowers. Autoflowering seeds are the most expensive of the feminized seeds and can be easily collected from grow shops or online stores.

Flowery Girl: This is the most popular strain out of the three autoflowering seeds mentioned above. As the name suggests, these are ideal for those who want to be able to harvest buds from the first time. They are mostly grown in small growing areas where they grow very well.

Regular Seed: This is the standard type of marijuana seeds that most people start out with. There is nothing special about this type compared to the other two. These seeds are made out of high-quality marijuana strains. They are grown mostly for indoor growing and yield amazing results. This is the first choice by most people when getting started growing indoors.

It can be concluded that there really is no clear winner when it comes to choosing between regular seeds vs. feminized seeds. All three types do an excellent job when it comes to growing marijuana indoors. In the end you will have to decide what your preferences are when growing indoors and whether or not you want to go with a regular seed or feminized. Once you make that decision, you can get started on your new favorite hobby right away!

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