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It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many cannabis enthusiasts find themselves without regular seed and plant food. With the winter holidays over, it can be very difficult to find the right strains to bring home to start the new year. What are the best options? Are you stuck with a bunch of seeds in a bag or are you able to get fresh marijuana easily every few weeks? The best regular seed to purchase and grow, rated by top selling hybrid strain varieties. The official perennial seed buyers guide for next year.

Sativa: The official perennial champion, with origins in South America, sativa has been bred to produce strong, dry and woody buds. Often used as a cross with indica, the hybrid strain ak-47 regular is a hybrid between indica and sativa. The flowers have the tendency to be very long and dense. These traits make it extremely useful for indoor growing and often produces wonderful smelling buds. Hybrid strains such as AK-47 regular have excellent growing conditions and can be used with little care, producing large and dense bunches of buds every few weeks.

Indica: One of the more popular types of regular marijuana seeds, indica contains mostly indica and is largely used for indoor growing. The hybrid strain kuma-zasa is a cross between indica and calendula. Very easy to grow and produces dense and large berries.

Another type of popular cannabis genetics is Hawaiian White. This variety is a cross between Hawaiian and Mexican species. The flower buds are tall and sweet with large blooms. Very hard to resist, the flowers are often sold in bunches during the Flower Shop season. Popular for its beautiful fragrance and aroma, this breed also produces large and dense bunches.

Autoflowering Seeds: A cross between the female plants and dwarf hamster wheel, autoflowering seeds produce dwarf hamsters. The dwarf hamster wheels are tiny and dark green in color. The tiny wheels resemble those on a baby cart. These autoflowering cannabis seeds are ideal for starting new plants inside or outside a home. Due to their small size they are not too heavy to move about, making them easy to install indoors.

Sativa: This particular type of cannabis seeds is not the regular seeds that you find indoors. These are slow growing, high quality seeds that can produce heavy buds in a short period of time. These strains are often used for indoor growing, they tend to be more expensive than regular Sativa seeds due to their higher quality and slower growing.

Autoflowering cannabis seed is ideal for indoor grown cannabis plants. Many growers consider these plants high yields due to their ability to reproduce quickly. They are also easy to harvest; the average time a plant will need to be picked from the ground is around a week if it is in full health. Some growers choose to harvest these plants every two weeks, however most prefer to let them grow to their full potential.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a great alternative to regular seeds because they take a longer period of time to mature. If a plant has been taken care of properly, it is possible to have a continuous crop from one plant. However, it is very important to take care of a marijuana plant properly. If a plant is taking an extended amount of time to mature due to poor watering or poor care by the gardener, then it may not be able to produce the quality of crop that would be possible with regular seeds. Some people may even choose to use regular seeds over autoflowering seeds, if they are growing indoors and the time frame to get a crop produced is short.

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