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Different Types of Marijuana Seeds for feminization

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Different Types of Marijuana Seeds for feminization

When it comes to cooking marijuana, there are two types you will need to know about: Regular Seed and Feminized Seed. Take a close look at what each kind of pot herb is, and their main differences. To clarify any possible misconceptions about the difference between feminized and regular seeds; regular seeds are typically used as food, a stimulant or simply to make better taste in food. Feminized seeds are used to make oil for use in inhalation, such as with an inhaler. Here to explain some more differences of Regular and Feminized Seeds:

– Autoflower Strains are popularly known as Cinderella strain or Diamond strain. They are the highest producing of all cannabis strains. The highest quality of autoflower strains produce high quality, concentrated, and sweet flower buds that taste great with coffee or tea. Most autoflower strains contain only THC and do not have CBD.

– Hermaphrodite Feminized Seed – The female counterpart of autoflower strains. They produce small flower buds that are more compact than that of regular seed buds. Hermaphrodite feminized seeds are said to have a sweeter taste than regular seeds and are said to have the similar potency as female marijuana flower. It has been hypothesized that the reason for this is because of the high amount of THC it contains compared to its male counterpart.

Regular SeedRegular seeds come from seeds that contain the same amount of THC as the female counterpart (THC and CBD are the same in both sexes). It is produced in the marijuana plant similar to how it is produced in marijuana plants. The regular seed has less calories and has been said to be milder tasting than its counterpart. Regular seeds come in different varieties, being sold in different forms like oil and dried up stems.

– Flowery Bonsai – The flowering bonsai is another variety. These flowering varieties have buds that are full of leaves and can reach a height of four feet. The majority of these plants grow on hillsides. Some types of this weed strain grow in nature and some grow in soil. Flowery bonsai can be an indoor plant or an outdoor plant.

– Sativa – This type of weed is native to the Andes mountains. It is called heavy buds simply because it produces enormous amounts of buds. It has a beautiful smell and makes for a great aroma when smoking. These seeds are typically used to produce powerful sativa strains. Heavy Sativa produces a stronger aroma and more intense smoke.

– Feminized cannabis seeds are produced specifically for feminization purposes. Some of the most popular strains in this category include French Trudeau, Couch Reef, Queen Anne, Russian Tsunkushka and more. These plants grow well both indoors and outdoors and can be used for indoor gardening. Some of these seeds are also used to produce feminized cannabis plants which are female plants that have been crossed with regular strains to produce feminized plants.

In addition to these three categories of marijuana seeds, there are many other types of cannabis seeds that can be used to develop feminized plants. A popular way to create feminized plants is to cross regular seeds with feminized strains and create a cross-fertilized plant. This can be done by taking two pollen glands from regular cannabis seeds and planting them into feminized plants. Another option is to take a pollen gland from one of the female plants and coat it with regular pollen. A final way to create a feminized plant is to take pollen from one of the male plants and coat it with regular pollen.

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