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Growing Marijuana Plants Using Autoflowering or Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana and Regular Seed. Many believe the two are one in the same. They are both good for growing plants, but they are two different species of marijuana. Here we will look at each one and decide which is best for your garden. They are generally classified as Indoor Plants, with some exceptions.

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Male Plants: A male cannabis plant starts out as a small green plant that produces seeds when it grows. They are small, are round in shape and are typically used to start new plants. They are made when the female cannabis plant starts to produce seeds naturally usually after flowering. The female flowers then drop off and the seeds fall to the earth where they germinate and begin to grow.

Regular Seed: They are all seeds. They are produced in the same way by the cannabis plant, but with a shorter growing season. They are great for starting your garden off in the right direction if you don’t have much time. If you grow them indoors, you can just clip off the top when they get big and compact to small. However, if you want to grow them outdoors they will need to be cloned, or seeded before the flower matting starts to die back.

Female Plants: The flowering stage for males is shorter, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. Female plants will still grow and produce healthy seeds at the same time. The female plants stop producing seeds once they are finished flowering. This means they are actually healthier than males since they haven’t had their flowering period yet. However, if you want to grow outdoors they will need to be seeded before the flowers die back.

Widow Feminized: This is just what it sounds like; a plant that produces seeds only after the flowering period has finished. These are often used for indoor gardening. Most of the time, when you buy marijuana seeds they will be in the regular seed gender. If you do your research and find out which seeds are made for the female flowers you can use these.

Male plants: Just like with the females, marijuana seeds made for the male plant will also be in the regular seed gender. They will grow and produce healthy seeds at the same time. The only difference is that the flowering time is longer for a male plant. This is because the male plant will start growing again as soon as it starts to flower, so it starts off its flowering period very early.

Growing feminized seeds requires a different growing technique than regular seeds require. Regular seeds require you to use organic matter to help support the plant while growing. This material is often high in nitrogen and magnesium, the two elements that help support the plant’s life. When you grow feminized ones you need to use low fertility materials.

These two differences between regular marijuana seed strains are important to understand. There are many more differences of course, but this two are the biggest. It is important that you get your facts straight before deciding which type of cannabis cultivation is right for you. There are many great growing guides available today to help you understand more about the essentials of marijuana cultivation. The two main factors that make marijuana cultivation different is the time of year you grow your plants, and the type of soil you use.

There are two types of cannabis seeds strains: autoflowering and feminized. Autoflowering strains are used when you want to grow fast plants. They tend to be tall, with large, bushy leaves. These are also the easiest strains to grow since there is less of a need for soil control.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, can be used for indoor growing. A feminized plant will have a male plant look to it. They tend to be taller and bushy, with smaller leaves. These are harder to grow and many consider them to be lower yield plants compared to autoflowering seeds.

There are many benefits to using feminized plants over regular cannabis seeds. First off, they are easier to grow, especially if you grow with feminized soil. This makes it easier to control your plants and see results more quickly. When feminized, marijuana plants will also have bigger blooms than regular seeds. Lastly, the plants will also produce more resin during flowering. Resin has a higher concentration of THC than regular cannabis seeds and therefore produces a high quality end product.

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