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What is the Difference Between Regular Seed and Hybrid Marijuana Seeds?

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What is the Difference Between Regular Seed and Hybrid Marijuana Seeds?

Ever wondered how to grow a regular seed, and get regular results? We’ve all seen regular seeds planted and grown at home, even grown in large gardens in bigger pots. How’d they do? How come those plants always came up next year with new leaves/growths/tissue? It seems that with each regular seed, some little piece of dirt was selected and inserted into the soil to make that seed grow into a regular (and big) plant!

How does it happen? When you buy a marijuana seed or cultivate any other kind of cannabis seeds, what do you do with them? Regular seeds will usually produce both male/male plants (no female plants); historically, all of the plants were regular, except for those that were feminized during the crossing of two species (such as with marijuana). So, regular seeds provide different possibilities from among the rest of your regular seeds; next figure out pros/cons of regular cannabis seeds. This article will explain how to grow regular cannabis seeds indoors.

One of the first things you have to understand is how hard growing marijuana is. Growing buds is one of the most difficult things to do. Buds are small, fast-growing plants, requiring constant watering, almost never being alone, and require a rich soil. Buds are, by nature, pretty delicate by nature, and are easily destroyed by disease and pests. So, your goal should be to find high quality marijuana from a reputable grower that is consistently producing big, beautiful buds.

So, to answer the question: why regular cannabis seeds are stronger than feminized seeds? The reason is simple–a regular seed is not subjected to unnatural growing conditions; therefore it is less likely to be destroyed by the elements. A regular seed will usually only need to be replaced every few years, whereas feminized seeds may need to be replaced every year or more often. Also, a regular seed can easily be replaced, whereas feminized seeds are very difficult to replace.

One reason that regular seeds are more likely to be destroyed by the environment is because of how regular marijuana seeds come in one form or another. Regular seeds are normally broken down by the gardener into two categories: Sativa strain and Indica strain. Sativa strains are used more for regular smoking; they produce thicker, harder smoke with a heavier taste. Indica strains are more popular as coffee strain. This is because Indica marijuana is also a medium in which many different aromas can be created, including sweet, sour, and other smoke-altering tastes.

If you’re growing indoor plants at home, you probably already know that regular and feminized seeds don’t do well together, because feminized seeds contain a greater concentration of oil. Because of this, most indoor plants that are grown with regular seeds will rarely exhibit any significant fragrance. However, some hybrid varieties of marijuana plants, most notably the French and dwarf forms, will develop strong fragrance without having to actually contain oil, which makes them ideal for use with smoking devices.

Hybrid seeds, on the other hand, are specially created to meet the specific needs of particular kinds of plants. For example, there are many different kinds of dwarf hamster seeds on the market that are specifically grown for use by the dwarf hamster, meaning that these are plants that won’t grow as fast as their parent plant. The grower can still get the same amount of yield from their plant, because the plant will have less physical stress to endure. This means that the grower will have their plant produce a higher quality of leaf. All in all, hybrid seeds provide an environment that is ideal for the grower to grow the kind of crop they are interested in.

Hybrid marijuana seeds can be purchased through many sources. Specialty seed stores offer a selection of high quality varieties that are bred for specific purposes, so the seeds will be at their most optimal growing conditions. Indoor gardeners may also visit specialty breeders who breed plants specifically for growing indoors. Whichever way a person chooses to purchase their marijuana seeds, the results will be much healthier for the gardener than standard seeds.

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