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Plant versus seed are one of the biggest debates you will hear on the subject of indoor gardening. Many gardeners mistakenly believe that seeds are a plant’s root system and that they cannot survive or thrive without the soil and sunshine they require to germinate. However, all plants derive their nourishment from somewhere and seeds are just part of the reproductive process. The true definition of a seed is, “The living part of a plant that contains the hereditary material ready to develop into a new plant.” Therefore, just because a seed does not survive in the soil it does not mean that the plant cannot grow.


Cultivated varieties vs. Seedlings – Another debate often arises from people planting seeds vs. growing plants from seeds. Cultivated varieties are smaller plants that have been nurtured to grow to some specified length of time before they are harvested for consumption. These varieties usually come with instruction or suggestions about the best times to plant them. When growing from seed, however, many grown varieties are larger and have already been bred to do well indoors in small containers.

Indica vs. Sativa – There is more than one way to describe the differences between indica and sativa strains. In actual fact, these two are the most common types of indoor plants grown and sold today. Sativa plants are those that produce flowers and are used for coffee and tea, while indica is the type of plant that produces the seeds for later re-growth.

When it comes to indoor growing, there are basically two different ways to store these plants to prepare them later for sale: freeze-drying and air-drying. Some growers will grow the seeds in a small container using a plastic lid to keep the moisture contained while allowing the seeds to continue to develop slowly over time. After the plant starts to show signs of leafing, it is removed from the plastic container and taken outside to be placed in a vase or hung on a hook.

An alternative to freeze-drying and air-drying is known as hydroponic systems. Hydroponics is a term for water culture, which means that the plants’ roots are in water and is used to describe the growing conditions of indoor crops. Hydroponic systems are used more commonly for producing indices and calendulas, but some gardeners prefer hybrid strains, such as the Hawaiian papaya strain, which also comes from the seed rather than being an actual type of the pineapple plant. Many gardeners began growing their favorite varieties indoors and began harvesting the crop immediately when it was ready. Because the production of the plant is dependent on its growing conditions, indoor grown weed seeds are kept within a specific range of temperatures and humidity.

Seed starting plants can be harvested to be used for replanting. Harvesting the plants allows seeds to be dispersed throughout the environment, where they can begin to grow and reproduce themselves into new plants. Harvesting the seeds is often done by cutting the plant open with a pair of garden shears or a pair of kitchen scissors, removing the middle strand of leaves and pulling out the seed. It is important to remove all of the seeds from the center of the plant, because the remaining portion of the plant may contain spore containing disease causing organisms if the seeds are not removed. It is also advised to wear gloves when handling any seed harvesting equipment.

The seeds from seed germination can also be used to create new marijuana plants through a process called clone propagation. When plants reproduced rapidly, with many seeds surviving only one generation, many of these plants could be considered weed clones. Cloning is achieved through exposing seeds to extreme heat or cold temperatures. Many gardeners believe that this temperature stress initiates the development of stronger, healthier plants than would be possible through traditional growing techniques.

clone propagation can also be accomplished through hydroponics or water culture. This means that the plant is grown in a controlled environment, similar to a flower garden. There are kits available at most reputable seed banks for both indoor growing and outdoor growing. Seedlings can be found in all sizes and varieties. Weed clones are especially popular because they do not require replanting after harvest. These hybrid plants can compete with conventional marijuana plants for nutrients and moisture, resulting in healthier plants for the end consumer.

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