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Regular Vs Feminized Marijuana Seeds: Health Benefits of Growing Medical Pot

Regular seeds are long seed capsules that grow to be about 50% male and half female plants. Typically, marijuana plants that have male flowers are used primarily for breeding purposes and producing new hybrids for future cultivation. When grown in indoor environments, these seeds develop and mature into mini-growths that produce smallish, delicate plants on a continuous basis. Many believe that these small, delicate plants have the most relaxing, meditative and uplifting effects of all marijuana strains.

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However, there are disadvantages as well as advantages associated with feminized seeds. Despite the fact that they produce small plants that yield small, feminine flowers, they do not achieve high levels of productivity. This is due to the fact that they do not tolerate consistent light cycles as well as poor soil conditions. Furthermore, it is quite common to find cannabis plants that have been hybridized and produced using artificial means, which decreases their productivity potential. In addition to these disadvantages, feminized seeds can also be difficult to grow due to their susceptibility to frost.

Nevertheless, feminized cannabis has an incredible advantage over its regular seed counterpart – it is extremely easy to cultivate and it yields small, beautiful flowers. Due to its ease in growth, this strain is widely used for indoor growing practices, which allows for extraordinary yield yields and exceptional quality. Furthermore, it has consistently proven itself as a highly effective crop in many scientific trials. This is a massive advantage because it attains results with every growing season, allowing for the continuous production of cannabis flowerheads.

These superior advantages have resulted in a spectacular increase in the demand for this type of cannabis across the world. Consequently, efforts to breed autoflowering cannabis strains have been undertaken by breeders. The key objective of these attempts is to achieve optimal yield efficiency, along with the avoidance of the disadvantages listed above. The two most successful autoflowering cannabis strains are Canada and Arabica. Each of these boasts advantages over regular cannabis; however, there are additional important characteristics that all three possess.

First, these plants only require a moderate amount of care, with maintenance being minimal. As such, they are perfect for those who are not dedicated to gardening and those with limited space. These cannabis plants are only suited to a slow-growing flowering period. Under ideal growing conditions, flowering time is between six and eight weeks, with the growth phase lasting from one to two weeks. In comparison, regular seeds will take between ten and fourteen weeks to flower, with the growth phase lasting from one to three weeks.

Second, because of their superior quality and superiority in yield, autoflower seeds are highly desired by professional breeders. Regular seeds cannot meet the quality and productivity demands that are placed on them by modern day cannabis growers. Arabica and CanniMed are considering the top two names in feminized seeds.

Third, regular seeds feminized or otherwise can be much more cost effective than their counterparts. Regular seeds require a significant investment capital, which is generally unnecessary given the amount of yield potential they yield. Moreover, due to the competitive nature of the market, producers can pass savings on to consumers by reducing production costs.

There are many benefits to growing cannabis with feminized seeds. While the differences between regular seeds and feminized seeds remain slight, the differences between regular seeds and feminized seeds are significant enough to warrant consideration. Given the significant health risks associated with ingesting harmful chemicals, the growing industry is moving towards greater safety and security. Growing with feminized cannabis seeds is a sure way to decrease the risks involved in growing this highly beneficial plant.

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