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Three Characteristics of Good Seeds For Growing cannabis

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Three Characteristics of Good Seeds For Growing cannabis

Regular Seed is the common term used to describe non feminized plants, meaning the seeds can be either female or male. Typically, when these seeds are cultivated they produce female and male cannabis plants, however by removing the female plant from the flowering process early on so that the male plant can grow up, the female plant is usually much stronger and less susceptible to stress during the flowering process. This is why regular seeds are often the preferred type of cannabis plant for new breeders. However, some hybrid types have been developed that will produce regular seeds even if one of the parents is female.

These kinds of cannabis seeds can often be found in California, where they are often used in indoor gardens. Hybrid pot seeds have been developed that can produce a feminized plant. These feminized cannabis seeds produce plants that are near identical to the regular cannabis strain.

So now you’re wondering… what do regular cannabis seeds genetics have to do with indica and hybrids? Well, many people think that regular seeds have very similar characteristics to indica strains and some of them even believe that all indica strains are regular cannabis seeds. However, this is not entirely true. Here is how it all works…

Regular weed seeds are basically the same strain as the marijuana crop that they are taking and breeding from. They just happen to contain a few different traits that make them unique to an extent. These traits include…

Sativa Auto Seeds – Sativa or the Blueberry strain is one of the most common auto crops out there. This particular strain of cannabis is found predominantly in Northern Canada (which is where it got its name) and Eastern United States. This particular strain produces large amounts of resin, has high alkalinity, and has high protein levels. Many will consider indica and sativa to be the same thing because they have very similar effects on the body, but they aren’t; hence the reason many will tell you that indica is better than sativa due to the fact that they get all three qualities out of a regular weed seed.

Gota TGA (Growth-rates) – Growth-rates is another characteristic to look for when choosing between indica and hybrid cannabis seeds genetics. The Gota TGA is found in Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, and Brazil. These autosomes are said to be the highest growth-rates out there. Growers state that these types of autosomes can grow up to 700% faster than regular cannabis seeds. This means that your crops will come up with higher quantities of buds… but won’t always produce the high quality crops you’re looking for.

Skunk Regular cannabis seeds – If you’re looking for high-end, super-pot seeds that will give you a super high when you smoke them… look no further than skunk regular cannabis seeds. These skunk regular cannabis seeds are extremely high in resin and protein, and also contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals as well. Skunk pot seeds are extremely hardy and will produce large amounts of buds. These buds will have a very powerful and pungent smell. Many people report that the first time they smoked one of these buds they instantly felt a deep sense of euphoria, and then completely understood what they were smoking!

The above 3 characteristics are just a few of the many traits of good cannabis strains. There are many more traits, and each one is directly related to how well a plant can adapt and grow in different climates, soils, and conditions. Good cannabis seeds are going to be those that are adaptable and weed-resistant, which makes growing easier for most gardeners. Good cannabis seeds are also going to be easy to germinate (take care not to overwater or water excessively), and to maintain (make sure to remove any excess dirt at the bottom of the pot so the roots have room to grow). If you keep these things in mind, growing a great crop of cannabis is going to be as easy as could be.

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