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Best Regular Seeds and Hybrids

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Best Regular Seeds and Hybrids

What is the major difference between feminized and regular seed? At first glance one may not appreciate the differences that distinguish feminized and regular seeds. Regular seeds are originally from the cross between an ovule and a male (XX) plant so their DNA will include both sexes; however, a feminized seed is created by crossing a regular male (XY) with a female (XXXX). While the chances of crossing two opposite sexed chromosomes is rare, a pollen sample of a feminized cannabis plant should contain mostly male chromosomes.

So why is this important? Well, the reason why most kush regular seeds are feminized is because the pollen collected during flower development contains mostly male pollen. In order for plants to reproduce, both sexes must survive, but some chromosomes seem to survive better than others. And when it comes to cannabis, we all know that some of those ‘better’ chromosomes tend to grow in faster growing plants – like the indica and kush regular. indicas grow quickly, many flowers per year, and they’re highly prolific. They also are fairly rare as well, so kush regular seeds are far more abundant.

So now back to the subject at hand – which sex does a pollen sample contain if a pollen sample from a regular cannabis seed is crossbred with a feminized sample? To answer that, we would need to know the proportion of each sex found in each of the plants and then figure out how much of each sex was needed to make feminization happen. For example, indices tend to have a higher proportion of female plants than males, so it stands to reason that if a feminized version of an indica plant is created, then that feminized plant will also have a higher proportion of female plants inside it. It’s simple, really.

There are, however, a couple problems with this simple way of crossbreeding. For one thing, many breeders are just that – breeders, with no real knowledge of genetics or anything like that. Some aren’t that concerned with things like the percentage of each sex present in their offspring, but are still endangering the genetics of their offspring by crossbreeding too often with feminized cannabis seeds. Also, the purebred plants can quickly become monotonous and boring, resulting in fewer sales of cannabis products of each sex.

This is where hybrid seeds come into the picture. You see, with hybrid seeds, a different set of instructions go into creating each plant. First, there’s the actual ‘genetic material’ used to create each plant – this is the DNA from which each plant is made. Then, the actual plant is placed into a special incubator to allow it to develop to its adult state. Finally, it’s put into a greenhouse for a certain period of time so that the young cannabis plants begin producing pollen and start developing leaves.

Hybrids are simply blends of two or more regular marijuana seeds, allowing the two genes to mix and create an entirely new plant. They are a way of preserving the integrity of a specific set of genes, allowing the strain to remain a controlled character within the cannabis plant world. If you want to know which are the best regular seeds to buy, look at which ones actually work the best. Indica plants grow better with specific kinds of herbicides, while hybrid plants grow better when they’re exposed to certain herbicides as well. Make sure you buy the right kinds, and crossbreeds if necessary.

Of course, we already know that feminized seeds don’t do anything differently than regular seeds. So why do we care which plants grow better? The reason is simple – there are two kinds of marijuana, male and female. And when you get crossbred plants that have been altered through genetic engineering, you end up with plants that have two distinctly different sets of traits – one male, one female.

When you crossbreed kush regular and indica kush, you end up with something very similar to each other – but obviously with two different sets of genes! This isn’t very useful, because we want our herbs to be our own creation, and not simply an amalgamation of another species’ work. That said, however, it is possible to breed regular seeds through the female plants and put them into feminized seeds. These are the crossbreeds that you should aim for if you want the best results. Crossbreeding with indica kush regular can also lead to astonishing results, but the process is much more complicated than simply crossing two kush regular with an indica regular – so it’s best to work with a specialist if you want to get high-quality feminized seeds.

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