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Different Marijuana Seeds Can Help Create the Perfect Garden

Why Grow With Regular Seed? There are several great reasons that a grower might decide to use regular seeds for growing marijuana. A plot of land with a window facing sunlight and free drainage is an ideal location for marijuana cultivation. Most common varieties will germinate within twelve to fourteen weeks from planting, but some species take longer. For ideal growing conditions, keep a sterile area clean with a non-soap water.

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Marijuana with higher strains like Indicas can be feminized after harvest, but regular seed will allow for full growth with minimal interruptions. Many feminized seeds are cross-bred with other selective species. Crossbreeding can improve the traits of feminized plants by eliminating unwanted characteristics from the parents and adding desirable characteristics from the crossbreeding. Some feminized seeds can even outperform and outproduce regular seeds with the same vigor and hardiness. Some hybrid varieties even develop different traits during different seasons, making it possible to have a cross between two distinct varieties.

Grow With Regular Seed: The most important reason to start growing marijuana with seeds is to save time. Planting a single plant requires at least three days, and the time increases as the plant grows. This can add up to four weeks if the plant is spread across the lawn or landscape. Growing seedless marijuana allows a gardener to focus more attention on growing the plant, while eliminating cross-reactions from plants that are not ready for transplant. Seedless plants are also easier to manage because they don’t need to be divided and replanted.

When to Grow? When a grower begins cultivating marijuana with seeds, it is important to determine when each plant will sprout. Some mothers produce early, while others produce late in the season. This information helps the grower know when to timing their timing.

How Many Mother Plants? Some gardeners choose to start with one or two females and leave the males to mate with another female. The result is a female plant that produces late during the season and early during the summer months. This strategy helps increase the probability of two quality producing plants and reduces seedling losses in the event that one plant is accidentally dropped.

Hybrid Breeding: Some breeders are willing to cross breeds between different marijuana seeds to make one larger or have different characteristics. Breeders sometimes try to make two plants actually have the same trait set. These traits can be anything from tall and lean to long and thin. A third factor is the height of the hybrid, which can vary by as much as 10% of the height of the parent plant.

Autoflowering Seeds: Some regular cannabis seeds are called autoflowering seeds. They are designed to be planted in the fall where they will be taller than other plants, allowing them to reach the ground during the winter months. Biennials and other hybrid plants are some examples of autoflowering seeds.

Regular Seed: A regular seed will not always result in a quality crop. Often times, the gardener will not know there is an illness in the plant because of the poor soil. When a regular seed is introduced, the gardener may notice that the plants tend to be unhealthy or may become ill. By increasing the amount of pollination and handling genetics correctly, a grower can control the quality of their crop.

Hybrid: Most cannabis plant breeders consider hybrid seeds to be their best options. While most plants do well with some amount of pollination, the best results come when the gardener combines a number of different types of breeders. This allows the plant to handle a wide range of conditions and strains without one type being superior to the rest. The advantage of hybrid plants is that they do well with different management methods. They also tend to do well in different climates.

Whole Growing: Some growers opt to only use whole growing marijuana seeds, making sure that all parts of the plant receive equal amounts of sun, water, nutrients, etc. Some consider this approach to be gentler on the plants and the overall yield. If the grower plans to use only whole growing seeds, they should make sure they have an adequate amount of topsoil. Some homegrowers also choose to go the whole growing route, using small amounts of each of the parents for each plant. No matter what route is chosen, however, the plants always produce a single crop of high quality marijuana each year.

Regular Seed: Most new growers prefer to start out with regular marijuana seeds because they are less likely to cross-pollinate with other plants and eliminate some of the work involved in proper indoor gardening. When choosing regular marijuana seeds, it’s a good idea to purchase those that are certified as organically grown. Growers should also choose marijuana seeds based on the moisture level provided by the plant. Plants that don’t get ample moisture quickly grow poorly and, therefore, need more water and attention from the gardener.

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