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Which Is the Best – Sativa Vs Indica?

Buying marijuana seeds online has become a trend of many who are looking for something to do in the face of hard economic times. They enjoy smoking weed, growing it indoors, and selling it on the black market. Some also get involved in cultivating their own weed and selling it at farmer’s markets or craft shows. Others have tried to grow their own, only to find it rather difficult. Many have discovered the ease and affordability of buying marijuana seeds online from reputable suppliers. In fact, buying marijuana seeds online has become the new way to legally buy marijuana.


Most online seed companies will offer the same strains: namely, Indica (or Lemon Grass) and Sativa (or Good Luck). However, seed companies will offer differing prices per plant, depending on the amount of seeds bought. Typically, a bag of seeds will cost more than one pound of dried herb. The reason for the increased cost per unit is that sativa plants contain more estrogen than an Indica plant. Therefore, when growing indica plants, you will pay less per pound for the same yield. On the other hand, if you’re growing indoor plants, you may pay slightly more because you will be replacing your plant every three or four years with another Indica or Lemon Grass plant.

When buying seeds online, you’ll notice that most sites will offer a wide variety of hybrid sativa varieties. These plants will allow you to easily grow a large and robust crop of your favorite herb in just a few months, depending on the height of the plant. Some of these hybrid plants are so good-looking, you may be tempted to plant them in your yard! And some varieties are not that far off from the real thing-in appearance, taste and smell.

It is possible to get a full collection of sativa seeds. However, it can be expensive. It would probably be cheaper to buy two full collections of seeds. Or, it might be possible to grow full collections of Indicas at home. If you’re growing your own herb, it would be easier if you could grow all the herbs from the same variety.

In choosing between Indica and auto flower seeds, you must also consider the genetics of the plants. Autoflower seeds, especially, are harder to grow than Indica. They need more care, require less attention to their needs and the results of their growth are sometimes not that satisfying. However, these strain types produce flowers much earlier than their Indica counterparts. This is because they don’t need to go through a lengthy growing period in order to mature. Some may even show significant differences in their two levels.

There are many different types of cannabis seeds. One popular strain is the Chronic, which is most famous among American users. Others are Lemon Herb, Moroccan Herbs, White Widow, Strawberry Shortcake, Moroccan Mint, Strawberry Skunk, Hawaiian Kitsch and Lemon Herb. All these have very unique qualities and all of them are used for their distinct qualities. But, they are all derived from the same parent plant.

To answer the question above – Sativa vs indica, the answer will depend on which type of “mature” plant the cannabis seeds were taken from. Typically, Sativa seeds are taken from young seedlings which are still in the pistil or stem stage. The effects of this are more pronounced. The growers believe that the effects of cannabis seeds are more potent when they are in the later stages of their life. If you decide to buy one, make sure to get one from a reliable supplier and don’t get one too cheap. Some suppliers are more reliable than others.

If you are going to use the Sativa or Indica debate, it may be best to choose what you think will work best for you. As an alternative to the argument above, you can ask your supplier what type of plant they get, if you are unsure. Ask them if they prefer Sativa or Indica. They may be able to give you some indication as to which one you should go with. Whichever way you decide to go, remember that you will likely be investing a lot of money into buying cannabis.

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