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feminized Autoflowering cannabis plants – How to Grow and Harvest Them!

Why Grow With Regular Seed? There are numerous reasons that a grower might decide to use regular seed, despite its many practical benefits in terms of space, wasted nutrients and limited medium to temperature transfer. But before we go any further, let’s take a look at why regular seed is better than hybrid or no-till gardeners’ plants. There are several reasons, actually.

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Regular seed has had some careful alterations to maximize its adaptability to different environments. Regular seed has had some serious problems with some of its chromosomes; its chromosomes are prone to getting “orphaned” or demethylated when exposed to too much change, and its development can get highly constrained by too much change. Some of these disadvantages have been solved through molecular tinkering, and the eventual disadvantages of regular seed were eliminated. This, in turn, gave rise to some of the most reliable feminized (or “gene-based”) plants in the world: Papaver paeoniflorum, Hydrocotyle quinoa and Photoperiderma vulgarian.

Some of us may still be slightly fuzzy on why “regular seeds” actually produce pollen in the first place. But let’s put the confusion to rest once and for all: regular seeds are not feminized. In fact, they are sterile, which means that their chances of producing pollen to get feminized are extremely slim, and even if it did, the chances are slim compared to cannabis plants. Some hybrid cannabis plants are very often feminized to increase their yields; in fact, some of them can produce pollen with absolutely no other plant to produce it. So don’t let the term “regular seed” mislead you into thinking any less of cannabis.

Also, the chances of producing large quantities of pollen from one plant are slim. The same is true for feminized cannabis seeds. Again, this is because regular seed is sterile, and because feminized cannabis seeds are generally not grown in the wild but rather through artificial means, their production is limited. As a result, only a select few growers are able to grow high-quality cannabis products.

Some people do grow cannabis seeds for their own personal consumption. However, for most enthusiasts, buying and selling these buds is still preferable to growing them yourself. Why? Because growing your own cannabis plants is not only less expensive, it’s also much easier and quicker to achieve an ideal crop.

If you want to create new seeds to produce feminized cannabis seeds, it’s easy to create your own clones. In fact, if you’re experienced enough, it might be possible to create new clones at any time without damaging your plant. You won’t need any special tools. Just ensure that the cloned buds are placed directly onto a support such as a wooden board or other structure and press the clone firmly down using a wooden mallet.

When you’ve successfully produced a number of clones, it’s time to harvest. Since feminized cannabis seeds are closely related to each other, harvesting should be relatively simple. Simply take a regular seedling cut from the plant and cut away about a third of its length, then scoop out the remainder into a vase or other container. Wait for the clone to settle and dry before harvesting again. Harvesting time depends on the speed and health of your cannabis plant, so check with an expert if necessary.

After harvesting, you’ll want to immediately put the cloned buds into a plastic bag and seal it tightly. The reason for this is to keep the buds safe from pests and encourage germination, which will result in new flowering buds. Germination is very important because, when mixed with regular seed, feminized seeds will have a greater chance of producing high-quality plants. If you don’t get the right amount of germination, the resulting buds won’t be strong enough to flower, or they may even die. By following these basic steps, you should be well on your way to planting feminized autoflowering cannabis plants.

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