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What You Need to Know About Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seeds

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What You Need to Know About Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seeds

What is the main difference between regular seed and feminized cannabis seed? At a first look one may not readily appreciate the differences that exist between feminized and regular seeds. Regular seeds are normally from the crossing between an ovary-pairs male with a female (XX) so that their DNA reveals both genders. As for feminized cannabis, these are plants whose pollen glands have been artificially inseminated with the sperm of the male plant. They usually have very small leaves and grow up to about two feet high. These plants are hybrids between the cannabis and potato garden plants.

What are the features of the sativa and indica seeds? Regular seeds are not well-known as they have not been researched thoroughly. Regular seeds do have several features in common with ordinary seeds of all plants and hence they are called regular seeds. Sativa and indica are well-known among botanists as having strong flavour in the mouth and with good retention of the oil. Thus, these plants have a very nice “kick” to them when they are in bloom.

The major difference between indica and sativa seeds is that the colour of the hybrid seeds is generally white and not dark yellow as is the case with normal seed of each plant. The flowers are quite large and quite fragrant. In some hybrid sativa seeds the flowers are quite narrow and thus the seeds have a very long shape. The flowers are small and cluster at the top of the stems. Hybrids between indica and sativa can have flowers which are very tall and pendulous – this is known as a “white widow” flower.

Another popular strain is the Egyptian Rooibos which is also known as Egyptian sativa. It is said to be a cross between indica and calendula and has a sweet, buttery and lemon flavour with an assertive aroma. Some people say that it is like a cross between a Banana plant and Rooibos. A cross between an American Oats and a fat banana is sometimes called a “Rooibos-Oats”.

Hybrids between Oats and Rooibos are quite common. An example is a cross between oats and Brazilian nuts. Hybrids between an American Oats and an Aspalathus can also be considered as regular seeds. In the context of growing a home garden, a cross between an American Oats and a Goldenrod variety would probably be termed regular seeds versus feminized seeds. However there is more than a simple definition here as there are several different varieties and each has their own characteristics.

There are many good reasons to choose non-hybrid seeds over feminized strains. First, it tends to be less expensive in the long run and you don’t have to pay for extra chemicals. Second, hybrid seeds tend to be cross between two different types and each of those types may have its own distinct properties. Finally, non-hybrid seeds seem to produce a healthier crop as some of the characteristics of each variety are transferred to the parent plant during the process of making the hybrid. Hybrid seeds do not transfer any traits from parent to child during the process of making the plants.

When you go to buy your cannabis seeds at the local garden center, be sure to check each seed carefully for the USP (Unique Property Product). The USP is typically a trademark for the strength, resins, formulation, health benefits, yield and quality of the marijuana seed. Make sure you only buy marijuana seeds from a trusted source with a strong USP.

Some US states (including Colorado) outright ban the production and sale of feminized seeds due to threats from illegal seed distributors. You should always purchase your cannabis seeds from a trusted source and look for a certification. Just like regular seeds, there are several different kinds of cannabis seeds on the market. Don’t assume that just because one seed looks like the next that all of them are the same. Just be sure that when you buy your feminized seeds, you’re buying what you want and nothing more.

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