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Differentiating Regular Seeds From Feminized Seeds

Why Grow With Regular Seed? The reasons to grow with regular seed are numerous, but perhaps the most popular is because of the lack of time to achieve the desired results. With regular seed, you can expect to see the best results possible, often in just a few short weeks from start to finish. There are so many other reasons that a grower might want to use regular seed, from the most practical benefits in terms of space, high-quality medium and waste of resources.

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A common question asked is if genetics plays a role in feminizing marijuana. The answer is yes, genetics do play a role in creating a more feminine, or “fraternal” marijuana plant. This can be a difficult topic to understand, but there are several different methods that can be used to explain this, including different types of feminization methods such as needleseed, induction, crossbreeding and even some types of hybridization.

Flowering plants are considered seeds because of their ability to reproduce. This is why feminized cannabis seeds are so sought after. With the ability to produce flowers without having the use of male-form plants, these flowers have the potential to create hybrids. In general, when two different species of cannabis are crossed, then the result is a new plant with two seeds inside of it. However, one of the seeds will always be regular, which is what makes feminization a bit difficult.

Flowering plants are generally quite easy to feminize, provided they are strong and have the right conditions for doing so. Some of the most common plants used for this process include indices, geraniums, aloes and calendula. Geraniums, a common choice, are particularly strong and produce the best results when used with the right feminization method. The reason for this is that geraniums form dense thick globules which are capable of producing large quantities of flowers on a regular basis.

Indica and calendula are some of the best choices for regular cannabis seeds. Typically, the feminised seeds produced from these plants are used to produce high-quality marijuana. The reason for this is because these plants form dense globules that grow quickly and flower rapidly. While regular cannabis seeds can grow and flower just fine in female plants, they often do not have the same kind of robust aroma that they do when the plant is grown in its natural state. This is why many growers prefer to cross breed these plants, which is how regular cannabis plants get their distinctive aroma.

Many growers combine indica plants with calendula to create hybrid strains. Hybrid strains are essentially a cross between two distinct parent plants. For instance, there is a hybrid strain between an Indica and a Calendula. Because of this, the plants from which the hybrid is formed will have noticeably different attributes, some of which are described below. Indicas tend to be more compact and shorter lived than calendula, although they have a very similar taste to their calendula counterparts.

Hybrid cannabis seeds that contain the desirable traits of each parent plant are then crossed with each other. This creates new plants with the desired characteristics of each parent. In most cases, the new plants will have the exact same physical appearance as the parent plant, but will be able to tolerate the extra environmental stresses placed on them by the hybrid. The best way to tell if a strain is truly hybrid is to look at the plant for itself. If both the mother and father plant appear to have similar traits, the strain probably is.

Even though regular seeds and feminized seeds seem very similar, they are not interchangeable. It’s important to understand that not all strains are the same. Any time you purchase cannabis genetics, make sure to keep in mind what kind of plant it is and what it’s used for.

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