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Which Kind Should I Grow?

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Which Kind Should I Grow?

Regular seed packets are popular, because it’s fun and easy. Just get the marijuana seed packet and plant your seeds into your garden. Usually, seeds are grouped into distinct categories for better identification. But that’s not always necessary. There’s really no way to predict what will happen unless you try, so let’s get started.

Regular seed packets typically come from one male plant and one female plant and will produce either female or male plants. To tell that you’re getting, it’s almost impossible to tell beforehand. You just have to trust your instincts. Some plants are easier to grow than others. Some grow faster than others. Which one will you get depends more on your own personal preferences, as well as what you want to grow.

There are some feminized cannabis plants that are easier to grow than others. If you’re a beginner and looking for a good medium to start with, feminized cannabis is an excellent choice. These are easily grown in most gardens, because they don’t require too much care or maintenance. For those who already have a greenhouse, feminized plants are surprisingly easy to grow as well.

In order to grow feminized seeds, the gardener must first collect the regular seeds of the female plant. After which, the gardener must remove the seed from the female plant and take it to a seed store where he can find a feminized version of the plant. A typical process would be this:

Get feminized seeds – The gardener must visit his local seed store and get the feminized version of the regular seed. Seed stores also sell feminized plants that were sown earlier in the year. This is a relatively inexpensive way to get started with your growing adventure.

Grow the feminized strain – After purchasing the feminized strain, the gardener will need to take it home and begin preparing it for planting. This usually involves: removing the regular seeds from the plant; soaking and germinating the seeds; and setting the pot in a grow position. It’s important to remember that growing regular seeds vs. feminized strains require more work, but the end result will be much better.

Harvest your crop – When the plant sprouts, the actual plant buds will be large and full of sap. The gardener will then take the large “peppers” off of the tips of the plants and use these to harvest the “buds”. The smaller “pods” will then need to go through a process where they will need to be rinsed out and any “spores” removed before being placed in water. This is easily done by using a hose. If the feminized marijuana seeds were used in a regular seed set, it will take less time to do the harvesting and there will already be some moisture on the pods.

Feminized cannabis is a great alternative to regular cannabis. It gives the gardener more control over their plants and the ability to experiment with different things. It also makes it easier to grow feminized strains because it has been established that they will grow much better than regular marijuana plants in most cases.

Use smaller pots – The growing space for flowering plants can get quite large. Using regular seeds, however, is not recommended because they can get too bulky to handle. They should be grown in medium-size pots that are no larger than four feet in diameter. This way, the plant gets enough room to grow in, but not so much that it takes up all of the outdoor space in the backyard.

Try autoflowering seeds – Some people are interested in using autoflowering seeds. This involves putting the plant into a pot, covering it with soil and putting a piece of glass over it. Over time, the plant will start to grow a network of roots down the bottom of the pot. These roots will continually pull nutrients from the bottom of the pot and distribute them to the growing medium. A good way to tell if you’re growing this type of cannabis is to see how much foliage is growing on the outside of the pot.

Try feminized strains – Autoflowering seeds require some care. In order to get the best results, it’s important that they be kept inside a structure, such as a pot or a wooden box. Most feminized strains of cannabis have been developed using hydroponic techniques. This means that they are grown in water and nutrients are circulated through the plants’ roots. Some of the most popular feminized strains are named after famous women, such as Lemon Drops and French Twist.

Growers can take advantage of the best of both worlds by growing their cannabis using feminized seeds. They can have complete control over the results and can be assured that they aren’t using any harmful chemical compounds. However, some male growers prefer to keep their plants strictly indoors, so they don’t have to deal with dealing with insects or other males.

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