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Why Do Some Grow cannabis Seeds?

Regular Seed is the buzz word being used by many people to describe cannabis. It refers to a group of plants and sometimes herbs that have been used as a source of medicine or food. You have probably heard of black cohosh and goldenseal, two common varieties. Sativa is the more popular name for non Feminized plants, meaning the seeds do not normally exhibit a feminization effect when cooked. The name regular comes from a German word, Scharffen-Rein, which means “resembling seed”. This was the basis for the similarity between indica and sativa.

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There is much debate over whether cannabis seeds are actually seeds or something different. Those who think they are seeds point out that the name regular cannabis seeds can be confusing because the word ‘regular’ can also apply to seedless vegetables such as cauliflower. When it is divided into parts like ears and flowers, regular seed is just one of many words that refer to the plant. In fact, in British English, the seed is used to mean male part whereas female part refers to seedless females.

Plants grown from regular cannabis seeds will yield a higher potency than plants grown from feminized seeds. If you grow them from seeds, the potency is going to be a little lower. In addition, when the plants grow up, some of the THC, the active ingredient, will be present in the smoke. This is why some people claim that smoked cannabis is less potent than fresh leaves. The fact is that no precise tests have been done to prove this fact but some people will argue that if the THC is present in the smoke, then smoking is more potent than eating.

Two main varieties of kush regular cannabis seeds are Sativa and Indica. These are named because they had the same type of hybridization as the cannabis plants. Some people say that the difference between Sativa and Indica lies on the method through which the seeds are germinated but contrary to this theory, genetics play a significant role in the potency of the plant.

The major differences between Sativa and Indica are as follows: Indica has blue veins while Sativa has red veins. However, these veins may appear on pure varieties more frequently. Pure varieties also grow taller compared to Sativa, which is a disadvantage for growing in taller places like balconies. Even though the characteristics of pure varieties are the same, they do not always occur together and sometimes the yield is very different.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact date of origin of the cannabis ruderalis plant. Most experts assume that it was cultivated by ancient Egyptians during the time of pharaohs. Records do show that they used it as a medicine although most of the ancient records do not mention the chemical make up of the medicine. Another suggestion is that it was cultivated by the Greeks although there is no solid evidence to prove it. There are other indications that it was used by some tribes of Australian Aborigines.

Regular seed genetics can be separated into three categories. They are Sativa, Indica and cannabis seeds which are suitable for outdoor flowering. These three strains produce consistently high quality buds despite the fact that they are exposed to different climatic conditions.

Some growers of cannabis seeds genetics, such as growers from California, only breed for profit but there are also many who breed for other reasons such as to provide a better soil, higher yields or to reduce pesticide use. The desired result is to produce seeds that will have the best chance of becoming the next cannabis superstar. Breeders are constantly looking for new combinations and new strains to produce high quality crops. This can be difficult as the current crop is always in demand. To get to the top, breeders look at what Mother Nature provides them with and then alter their seeds to suit the conditions.

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