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Seeds are the “blessings” in Marijuana. They are the very first step to the creation of an illegal drug from which many countries, including the United States, heavily regulate its production, sale and possession. The very nature of seeds ensures their high value. Marijuana is an exotic plant and it is so inimical to our civilization that even our very words contain the seed of seed. So it’s obvious that marijuana seed is a precious commodity which will generate high income opportunities for those who supply it, as well as protect our planet.


The term “seed” refers to the individual cells of the plant which grow before the flowering buds open up and begin to flower. When they do, they start to reproduce and grow into new plants. In a way, they are responsible for the overabundance of the plant’s reproductive system and the eventual survival of the entire plant. It is in the germ cell phase of development that the science of seed is most intricate, as the process of germination requires three key elements: the proper temperature, the right nourishment and the correct humidity. If any of these elements are missing or faulty, the germ cells are likely to fail to reproduce, thus failing to contribute to the cycle of life.

There are many different methods for cultivating cannabis seeds, depending on the specific type of crop you want to grow. But generally, seedlings are planted in large groups in soil that has been enriched with nitrogen and compost. This practice is called “soil aeration”. Adding compost to your soil will increase the nitrogen content, which will aid in the germination process. Other nutrients may also be beneficial, including seaweed, alfalfa, sugar cane or green manure.

For indoor growing, you have two basic options – self-sowing (S) or aeroponics (A). Self-sowing seeds are best for those who wish to get a head start on their marijuana production, since they will not need to compete with other plants for the same water, light and nutrients. For those who plan to leave their seedlings on their own, indoor (S) cannabis growing will require a greenhouse.

Indoor growing relies on hydroponic technologies, including water culture, so it is best to find a reputable company for the job. Hybrid cannabis seeds can be placed in a shallow bed that contains low levels of dissolved oxygen and a slow, steady supply of water. This environment makes it easy for the seeds to germinate. When selecting an indoor growing system, you must take into consideration the type of crop you plan to grow; mature stems and leaves may not always survive. Another factor affecting the success of your endeavors is the moisture level in the environment. Soil which appears excessively dry may not be conducive to marijuana, so you have to test the moisture content of various soils in order to select the best indica strain.

Many hybrid strains were developed as a result of a cross between two strains that had desirable characteristics. In some cases, one strain was crossed with another to create a new, enhanced variety. While the desired outcome is achieved, the effort involved in obtaining the hybrid strains is often greater. This, of course, is true of all breeding efforts and most farmers prefer to use land that has already been used for other purposes in order to avoid the risks inherent in inter-planting new species. However, growing indica with hybrid strains has many advantages.

Hybrid cannabis seeds provide an exceptional source of material that may be necessary for the development of your crops. It may even come from a different plant altogether, meaning you won’t have to scour the local area looking for the ideal topsoil. Also, you won’t have to spend time or money trying to determine whether or not the plant you’re growing will yield a successful crop. The cross between two preferred strains should be strong enough to produce high quality buds. If the cross is weak, it may produce lower quality buds which, again, may mean you’ll have to invest more time and money finding a better variety of cannabis seeds.

Even if you choose to start with a single type of plant, starting with hybrid cannabis seeds provides the advantage of allowing you to develop more plants than you could with any single variety. In addition to having more than one choice, you also have an increased likelihood of developing successful plants. Many breeders are willing to assist potential growers in finding the best types of plants to grow, but there’s no reason you can’t do it on your own as well.

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