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Why Grow Feminized Seeds?

Regular seed packets and regular plants have nothing in common. In fact, it is very difficult to predict whether a regular seed will produce a male or a female plant when you buy them in stores. There is simply no way of knowing for sure which sex will grow, which sex will produce that fruit and what sex will produce the pollen that makes marijuana smoke. There are also no guarantees as to what strain of cannabis will result in a regular crop of high quality buds. Some varieties may even produce little or no buds at all.

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When you grow your own cannabis, you will have an exquisite array of strains and hybrids to choose from. Some of these will produce regular seeds, while others will produce feminized seeds. It really depends on which one your favorite grower has been growing. Since all feminized seeds are the offspring of a male cannabis plant, they will grow into male plants. However, some will produce female flowers, or seeds that turn into male plants.

Some feminized seeds will cross gender lines, and this is a real possibility with some of the “babies” that cross sexual lines. Cross-breeding can even create new “sexes” within a species. These new “sexes” can produce new strains of cannabis that can be used as regular seeds or breeding stock. Just because a cannabis plant produces regular seeds, does not mean that it will grow into a regular plant and make you rich.

When buying feminized seeds, you must be careful. Some companies will sell seeds that look like regular seeds but are actually intended to be planted in female plants. These plants will grow into seeds that are indistinguishable from female plants, but they will grow into plants that can be used for indoor growing. Some hybrid varieties that produce a very feminine smell, may actually be mixed with regular seeds. If you buy seeds for these types of plants, you need to have feminized seeds that are exactly the same as the regular seed.

Feminized marijuana strains are not always better than regular seeds. Some hybrids are not nearly as well-known as regular seeds, making them more difficult to find. In general, however, most of the better-known feminized strains are superior to regular seeds. They often have higher levels of THC and have a greater ability to grow and produce plants that are larger and stronger than other regular strains. Some of the best-known and best-selling feminized strains include Shocker, Canada Lily, and Lemon Pie. Any of these should be able to get you high enough that you do not require any coffee to wake up in the morning!

If you are interested in growing regular seeds, but you are afraid of getting high, then try growing feminized cannabis plants instead. With regular seeds, the male plants make a pass of around half an inch each time the female plants take root. When the male plants finish flowering, they stop making buds. The result is that the female plants can now produce pollen while the male plants are sleeping. As long as the female plant produces pollen, you can take advantage of the pollen to get high without the danger of getting high.

In addition, some marijuana seeds can also provide you with more desirable characteristics. Some varieties are said to be more helpful towards certain things, such as pain management. Others are said to help you focus better, or make you happier. And of course, some can even increase your chances of having better sex!

So why should you choose to grow feminized seeds over regular seeds? Besides the possibility of getting high without the risk of getting stoned, you also have the chance to produce feminized plants that are better suited to your needs. With regular seeds, you end up taking more than what you bargained for, watering your plants poorly, taking much longer than usual to harvest a high, and taking two whole days to make just one bud bloom. If you want to grow marijuana legally in Colorado, you need to make sure that you are purchasing feminized seeds. This way, you can grow a safe crop that will stay legal without breaking any other state or federal laws.

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