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Regular seeds or hybrid plants: which are best? When choosing the best marijuana seeds for your next grow, choosing between regular or non-regular seeds is usually an important first step. Regular seeds have been created through selective breeding, and crossbreeding, which dilutes their characteristics so they can be used in more complex cultivation techniques. Non-regular seeds, or hybrid plants, have been created through crossing two or more regular seeds to create one that will produce a large yield of high THC varieties.

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The key to growing any kind of marijuana is the proper environment and the selection of the proper potting mix. Good growing conditions should always be trying to ensure the best growth potential of the plants. Hybrid plants will often cross pollinate with conventional and feminized seeds, creating cross-pollination within the plant’s own genetics. Cross-pollination is a favored method of planting, because it produces larger yields per plant and allows for genetic variation. This is particularly useful when trying to coax out specific traits within a species.

In general hybrid seeds come from cross-pollination with regular ones. Regular seeds do not cross over to produce hybrid ones. Some examples of common hybrid seeds include African Mango, Bush mango, Sumi, Buddha, Sedum, Colorado Maple, Hawaii Island Pine, Lemon Grass, Maui Pine, Russian River Grass, Strawberry, White Sunflower, and Dutchman’s. All these, and many more can be found at most gardening stores.

Most autoflowering seeds are used for producing feminized plants; however, some females are even used to produce regular seeds for crossing over to regular varieties. This is called auto flowering. This is because the female plants are left on the parent plant to complete the necessary tasks needed to produce the hybrids. In this way, the mother plant produces the normal male flowers and seeds, but without crossing over the typical male characteristics to produce the feminized seeds. The process of autoflowering is highly inefficient when attempting to produce regular seeds of a specific species.

Indica plants grow best with hybrid strains. Hybrid strains consist of one parent that has a greater amount of dominant characteristics than the other parent. For instance, an Indica plant that produces the highest quantity of caffeine will have a greater amount of caffeine in its flowers. If this same hybrid were to produce lower quantities of caffeine, or produce any other dominant character trait, the result would not be as attractive. The result would be undesirable, and the plant would not be as well suited for production of pollen.

When trying to breed genetics into a cannabis plant, it is helpful to use a selection that has already established. For instance, if the goal was to create stronger strains, a parent could be crossbred with a plant with a lower proportion of dominant traits for instance a low proportion of the cannabis flower heads with large calyx. This will decrease the overall potency of the offspring resulting in lower potency. Crossbreeding can also be used when attempting to create new, desirable traits such as disease resistance. This process can crossbreed with other plants with desirable traits for instance disease resistant strains of cannabis.

Hybrid cannabis seeds are available from many online seed vendors. Some websites will require a small to medium fee for shipping and handling. There are some seed vendors that ship all of your orders through the same site. Many marijuana seed strainers will ship your seeds directly to you.

Regular seeds and feminized seeds can help a grower to establish his or her personal marijuana garden, but it is up to the grower whether or not he or she wants to spend the time and money required to grow their crops from regular seeds. Cultivators can save a significant amount of money by crossbreeding their own plants. Hybrid seeds are available wherever herb gardening items are sold.

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