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Smoke and Sesame Seed


Smoke and Sesame Seed

A seed is a tiny embryo enclosed within an apple-green outer cover. The development of that seed from a zygote is part of this process of reproduction in seedlings, neophytes, which include the pomame and diploid plants. In this sense, the two are similar but different. Seeds can be eaten or used for other purposes, for example, in treating infertility. They are not, however, to be confused with the fruit of a plant, a strawberry, for example, whose edible parts are the seeds as well as the skin and the berry itself.

There is much confusion about the nature of marijuana’s most commonly used seed: sativa. Some say it is the ancestor of our marijuana plant, while others insist on the sativa as the true seed. In fact, the most convincing evidence for either view rests upon a simple observation. Plants tend to grow in one direction until they reach a certain height, at which point they move outwards and begin to reproduce. The plants bearing the name of sativa have always been reported to grow in an upward motion; and if you take a good look at marijuana plants in the garden, you will notice that some, at certain times, have two distinctly unequal leaves, while others bear equally large or small leaves.

When you compare sativa with indica, which grows in a straight-toothed pattern, you will notice that the leaves are nearly equal in size. The lateness or looseness in the growth pattern of indica indicates that it is the true seed, while the looseness of sativa is the result of poor soil that has been exploited by marijuana use. So much for the relationship between sativa and marijuana use. But what about the relationship between indica and chaya? (pronounced “keen-yay”) It is not the same as sativa, because chaya (cannabis) is in actuality an herb, not a grass.

In actuality, chaya resembles a weed more than a grass, and its seeds are actually quite small. If a marijuana plant grows up in an artificial pot, it will not have many leaves; and, therefore, it will have a seed. The marijuana plant then grows into a cactus, and seeds fall from the cactus into the soil. The soil then becomes rich in nutrients, and the plant grows into a new pot.

This means that marijuana plants cannot grow from seed. It is a misconception even to think of marijuana plants growing from seed. There are, however, some hybrid varieties that have been bred to contain only the genetic coding for marijuana use. This makes them resistant to frost and other diseases, as well as allowing them to be re-grown from the same tiny seed.

Some of these seed-less varieties can still be used in marijuana use, but it is considered dangerous due to the fact that they can be eaten by animals and humans. There is also a possibility that the small seed splattered into the eyes can irritate them, leading to eye irritation and blindness. This is why it is advised that marijuana users do not eat the seed itself. Instead, marijuana users should crush the seed into a fine dust and breathe the steam into the lungs. While it may feel like doing something unhealthy at first, it will in the long run, as previously stated, be good for the body’s systems.

To consume marijuana plants and the resulting smoke, one would need to inhale through a special pipe called a bubble, which is essentially a tube with a mouthpiece at the end of it. However, this method of ingesting the drug is not suggested for children or those who are suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions, since the smoke can cause a build-up in mucous in the lungs. Some advocates of marijuana use claim that smoking the seed provides the user with a “high,” similar to the feeling one gets when smoking pot; however, it is important to note that smoking the seed does not create this high, nor does it replicate the effects of smoking marijuana.

Smoking marijuana plants does not necessarily equate to smoking weed, although the two have more in common than most people think. Many believe that smoking the marijuana plants results in a higher level of consciousness, while others believe that it is not the marijuana plants themselves, but rather the smoke that cause the “high.” Regardless of what you believe, it is important to know the difference between smoke and seed.

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