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Regular Vs Feminized Autoflowering Seeds – Which is Best?

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Regular Vs Feminized Autoflowering Seeds – Which is Best?

When growing marijuana, you would want to know how to select your regular seed so that they will grow properly. Regular marijuana seeds come only from one parent and one female pot plant, which mean that it cannot be determined whether a regular seed is going to be a female or male later on. However, it’s much easier to determine which gender a regular seed is, simply by looking at the bottom of the plant when it first sprouts. The female (unusually shaped) marijuana plant will have a black thumb print at the bottom of its leaves. If it’s the male plant, the thumbprint will be white.

Some people think that feminized marijuana is real marijuana, since the thumbprint is the same. But it’s just a regular seed that has been feminized. There are many different techniques for cross-breeding between feminized plants, and many different types of feminized seeds are available. However, these seeds are not legal in some states (including California), because it looks like marijuana and because it could potentially fall under the heading of marijuana. This is why you need to cross-breed your regular seeds with feminized seeds, in order to avoid using marijuana illegally.

Cross-breeding different kinds of marijuana with each generation increases the likelihood of cross-breeding with marijuana, as well as with other kinds of seeds, such as citrus fruits, melons, strawberries, blueberries, kangaroos, etc. Crossbreeding plants increases the likelihood that one of the offspring will end up being a cross between an herb and a weed, which would make it appear as though the seeds were marijuana, when in reality they were another kind of herb. Crossbreeding can also increase the likelihood that any two members of a pair will end up being the same breed. Crossbreeding often occurs in certain kinds of hybrid plants, because they can be produced by a very small number of specific genes, rather than being the result of a lot of genes from a large pool.

Many commercial breeders produce feminized seeds. Some are owned by restaurants and retailers, but many are independently owned by ordinary people who want to make some profit off their own plants. The commercially produced seeds are more likely to contain male plants that do not have the female counterpart. A few commercial breeders specialize in producing only certain kinds of feminized seeds, although it is possible to find some breeders who produce regular seed and feminized seed.

Regular marijuana seed cannot withstand full sunlight, so it is not an ideal plant to grow near other plants that need sun to grow. In addition, regular seed cannot grow in partial shade, because it would not have access to enough light to grow. Some breeders have started to focus on making feminized marijuana seeds that can grow in partial shade or in direct light. This has helped new breeders in growing marijuana that can tolerate different environments.

Most feminized autoflowering seeds will flower in about 3 weeks, while regular seed takes much longer. When the flower appears, it may appear to be more compact and less lanky. The actual time frame depends on the kind of flower you are growing. Most flowers will begin to appear in about 3 weeks, but sometimes it can take a little bit longer.

The best place to buy marijuana seeds is online. However, you should be wary of online sellers who are offering regular seeds at a discount. These sellers may be trying to get you to buy their regular seed products without paying the higher prices. This is a common marketing strategy to make their product seem more valuable. Before you buy any type of marijuana plant genetics, make sure you check the reputable source for the product.

When comparing regular seed with feminized seeds, the main thing you need to consider is the time it takes to flower. You will obviously want to choose the type of marijuana plant genetics that blooms sooner than other plants. If you are an impatient person, you may want to choose a speedy flowering plant type. However, most feminized seeds take considerably longer to mature. So if you are looking for a fast flowering marijuana plant, then choose a regular seed over a feminized one.

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