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Which Is the Best Type of Need to Grow?

The differences between indica and sativa crops is fairly simple to spot. Sativa seeds grow tall, thin, green plants while indica seeds grow bushy, thin, dark green plants. This is where the main differences between these two types of marijuana crops come into play. Sativa is the seed of the cannabis plant, while indica is the fruit. So what are the differences between indica and sativa seeds? And which type would you be better off purchasing in your local store?


One of the biggest differences between indica strains is in the flowering period. The length of the flowering period is dependent on how much of the plant has been developed during the growing season. There are a few exceptions to this rule though. indica strains that have been cross bred with other types of cannabis have been known to have very long flowering periods.

Another difference between indica and sativa is in the effects that each type of cannabis has on the mind. Sativa is known to be a stress relieving and relaxing plant. It is also effective at treating anxiety and depression, as well as being highly effective for insomnia. On the other hand, indica is typically more relaxing and calming in nature. It is most often used for recreational purposes.

Some of the more popular strains are Black Seed, Blueberryseed, Brainseed, Hops Seed, Lemon Grass, Orange Peel, Pear’s Seed, Princess, Redwood, Strawberry, and White Seed. As you can see, not all strains have the same pleasant effects on people. Some of the strains can be very relaxing, while others may be very energizing.

Some of the reasons why so many people choose to purchase cannabis seeds indoors over outdoors are because of the various growing conditions. In an outdoor environment, many people grow plants relying only on Mother Nature to provide the sunshine, but many people are starting to take advantage of artificial lights. Indoor growing requires more of an effort in order to grow certain varieties of plants. This is where indoor gardening comes in. Not only can it be easier to control climatic factors, but there is also the convenience factor of being able to control the amount of light received by the plants’ roots.

The final, and probably most important consideration when considering which are the best type of cannabis seed to purchase is the preparation of the plants. Different types of seeds require varying amounts of natural light to grow. Many growers will purchase artificial light systems in order to ensure that they are getting the proper amount of sunlight needed for optimal growth. For instance, most indica vs sativa hybrids will need fourteen hours of light per day. However, many growers will only need six hours of light.

Two strains that are most often used are indica and sativa. Sativa is a variety of cannabis that originated in India. These plants were initially bred to produce a stronger, and much sweeter form of marijuana. Indica is the original strain and is what most people know as “indica”. These two strains have different effects, so understanding how each one affects the body will help with choosing the right hybrid strains for specific purposes.

Some of these hybrid strains have shown medical efficacy for certain medical problems. This is particularly true for indica vs. sativas. However, most medical marijuana users prefer the natural healing abilities of sativas over indices due to the lack of side effects. Other medical marijuana users may prefer to use two or three different hybrid strains to ensure that they are getting their recommended daily dose. Whatever the choice is, growing your own medicine has many benefits.

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