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How to Create Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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How to Create Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds offer endless possibilities for budding pot-growers to explore. From the very beginning of the European cannabis seed trade, a normal seed was essentially a regular seed. Today, use the word regular to differentiate the original plants from feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds, which are hybrid. feminized means they have undergone external factors like heat or cold to transform into other seeds like dank and fatty.

Regular seeds like African mango, Brazilian cherry and Sumatra tree are perfect for indoor gardening because they are hardy, and hybrids like Bubba, Shasta and Valerian are highly recommended. All of these are high in protein, iron and fiber content. Some studies indicate that regular seed plants, even feminized ones, are good for indoor gardening. Most of the studies were on indoor growing of African Mango, which are a low maintenance plant, but high in protein, iron and fiber. It is recommended to get seeds from well-known sources like seeds imported from different parts of the world. Otherwise, try growing them in your garden.

When it comes to marijuana strain breeding, regular seeds vs. feminized seeds is a toss up. Indoor/outdoor cultivation of marijuana has made huge strides in the past few years, especially with the onslaught of medical marijuana clinics popping up across the United States. Many of these clinics provide free or low-cost marijuana to registered patients but cultivate marijuana under strict guidelines. The requirements often include ensuring only high quality marijuana is harvested, preserving the plant’s potency, and keeping the crop free of bugs and pests.

As weed seed companies and cultivators enter more markets, the strains available are becoming more diversified. New varieties are being bred to grow tall, skinny, fast-flowering plants, to name just a few. Some have absolutely stunning flowers; others are extremely hardy and can survive droughts much better than traditional strains. There are some that also have high concentrations of medicinal properties. And many have been bred to specific coloration, shape and height.

Regular seeds have a tendency to be bred to one specific trait, making it more difficult to produce crops that can tolerate disease and weather. On the other hand, feminized seeds tend to be bred for one simple trait – to produce regular seeds that are able to withstand the rigors of outdoor growing. It is a very hit or miss scenario as far as marijuana breeders are concerned. While some will go with the feminized option, most will opt for the regular seeds because they tend to do better outdoors.

There are some differences between regular seeds and feminized seeds. Regular cannabis seeds are produced by crossing a male with a female marijuana plant, creating a daughter. In this case, the process of crossbreeding is done only on the mother plant to create the new generation. In most cases, this does not alter the actual genotype of the plant. However, with the sensi variety, you can expect that it has been altered a bit to ensure that it will grow taller and fuller than a regular cannabis seed.

The process of crossing a male with a female is more complicated but still relatively simple when compared to crossbreeding with feminized cannabis seeds. Instead of crossing only one plant with another, you will cross both plants with each other. You will need to make sure that both plants share the same sign mutations, as well as have the same coding within their genome. The actual generation of the plant will be the same, but there may be slight differences in height, shape and color – and these will be determined by the specific traits of the individual plants.

Feminized seeds are not only for women; you can also buy feminized seeds that have been crossbred with sativa. Sativa is the mother of all strains and is the crossbreviation for “Cannabis Strain.” This particular strain produces very potent buds, but due to its potency, it often causes a high risk of overdose if used incorrectly. With its powerful nature, it can actually cause people to lose their appetite. If you want your flowers to give you that energy boost, then consider crossing a sativa with a cannabidoo hybrid.

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