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Regular seeds offer endless possibilities to gardeners. From the very beginning of Sensi Seeds and the worldwide cannabis seed market, a single seed was usually a regular seed. Today, most gardeners call for a specific variety of cannabis “regular” because it has been “grown” or “grown accustomed” to an artificial environment such as a greenhouse. Most modern hybrid marijuana varieties are actually altered genetically to create new and unique characters. However, even within the core plant kingdom, each type of marijuana is unique by the combination of genetics it is intended to produce in the desired outdoors environment.

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Autoflowering or feminized seeds are often used in indoor growing. These specific “feminized” or “hybrid” seeds are designed to grow inside a structure that allows them to go through a process of natural indoor gardening. The best way to describe this type of marijuana is like “wild grass” but instead of growing tall with runners and twigs like a wildflower, the “grass” grows taller with softer, feathery growth on the inside of the structure and a thicker head of growth on the outside. Some autoflowering cannabis cultivators even allow the feminization of their seeds to trigger off feminization during later stages of growth. This allows for continuous flowering throughout the season without the user having to change their routine at any time.

Regular seed coverage in any indoor garden system is necessary to maintain a healthy environment for the cannabis seedlings. There are many reasons why the gardener would want to restrict or limit the area that his or her seedlings can grow in. First, the gardener may not have a greenhouse available. Second, the gardener may live in a region that requires specific environmental conditions to flourish, therefore preventing the normal growth patterns of the seeds.

There are also hybrid varieties that are available to the consumer that are specifically bred to withstand certain environmental circumstances better than regular seeds do. These are feminized seeds and should be bought with some caution, since most are not known to withstand frost. Frost tends to kill most hybrid varieties, so it is always a good idea to check with the grower before purchasing. These are also much more expensive than regular seedlings, so they are more difficult to afford for the average gardener.

White Wisteria is another popular cultivar used to create feminized seeds for sale. These seeds are often feminized using heat-treating the seeds, which makes the plants stronger. They also contain more pollen than regular seeds of the same size. Because of their resistance to heat they can be stored easily and are extremely convenient for indoor gardens. White Wisteria produces large clusters of female flowers on large stems.

One other variety that is extremely popular is Strawniller. This is a cross of Mexican Sativa and Hyoscyamus, which are another highly prolific producing strain. Hyoscyamus produces very strong male flowers and females are almost identical to regular marijuana plants in appearance, but they have the ability to grow taller due to increased root space.

Many of the feminized seeds on the market are cross-pollinated with other popular strains such as Lemon Grass. Lemon Grass is often used to make hybrid teas, but it is also well suited for indoor growing. It produces large clusters of pink flowers on large stems. It has a very citrus taste in flavor, which is why it is grown in Southern California. Most of the feminized seeds on the market are cross-pollinated with Lemon Grass and are therefore highly-productive; however, it is still important to pick carefully.

If you are looking for seeds for indoor growing, there are many sources available on the Internet. However, in order to make feminized seeds, it is necessary to source local plants in your area. Some growers offer pollen from certain trees or plants that are only sold locally. It is important to note, however, that pollen can spread quickly, so it is always best to purchase pollen that came directly from a pollen rich plant. You will want to find reputable breeders who grow high-quality, hybrid seeds, and they should be willing to provide documentation proving their reputation.

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