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Autoflowering cannabis Seeds: What You Should Know

Regular seeds offer endless possibilities for breeders to experiment. At first, in the infancy of Sensi Seeds and the European cannabis club, a regular seed was simply a regular seed. Today, use the wordregularly to differentiate the originals from feminized cannabis seeds and irlixed cannabis seeds. It’s all about consistency!

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When I first learned about sensi, I assumed that it meant a specific breed of cannabis with highly potent traits, probably a result of crossing a cannabis hybrid with a berry. Little did I know that sensi means “innately sensuous”, and that the word comes from a Hindi term meaning “bitter”. However, some experts insist that the high potency of modern sensi can be attributed to genetic interbreeding with sensuous species like the orchid.

To answer my own question, when I grow cannabis, I use feminized or hybrid seeds so that I get all the plant parts I need: the grow, the flower, the stems, the roots, the latex for the gloves, and the other products I make from buds. My plants grow very well in high-light environments. They also have a habit of producing large numbers of blossoms in the span of only two years. I’ve often wondered how I managed to keep my plants so healthy when my mother-in-law screamed so loudly one day that she thought I was having a nervous breakdown! It turns out that my mother-in-law was right; my plants had a regular genetics.

Many breeders and indoor gardeners are discovering that it’s not necessary to use regular seed to cultivate cannabis. For example, some growers feminize cannabis seeds so that they can put them into flower pots instead of making a regular planting. Some female plants even contain the male chromosomes (sex chromosomes).

When females with the male chromosomes grow up and reproduce, the plants develop a regular set of leaves and flowers, just as one would get if using regular seed. The females with the female chromosomes do not grow taller than they normally would. They also don’t grow as thick. If you try to grow one of these plants under regular seed, you may find it takes longer. But when you use feminized cannabis seeds, the plants will grow taller, thinner, and much more robust. This is because the extra genes have been passed on from one generation to another.

Some people wonder why feminized seeds require more time to mature. Some people argue that regular seed would provide just as much growth just as long as the plant had the chance to mingle its own natural set of genes. In fact, some researchers claim that it takes only about four weeks for a plant to form new buds in its female plants. With feminized buds, it can take as long as one year for them to form new buds. These researchers claim that the new buds are stronger, healthier, and more fragrant than their male counterparts.

When a plant starts flowering in its feminized state, it does not slow down or stop growing simply because it has successfully reached the time that it is supposed to stop flowering. On the contrary, it actually keeps flowering until it falls off! This means that it receives all the nutrients that it needs during its flowering and vegetative growth phase.

So, if you want your feminized cannabis crops to grow up strong, healthy and fragrant, you need to ensure that they receive the nutrients they need from the very beginning. Unlike regular cannabis seeds, autoflowering plants don’t need any additional fertilizers or pesticides to grow. They don’t require extra time to flower and are not affected by frost. By using feminized autoflowers, you are ensuring that you and your family receive all the benefits that regular cannabis seeds offer.

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