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The Pros and Cons of Cultivating Regular Seeds

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The Pros and Cons of Cultivating Regular Seeds

CANNABIS is a group of cannabis plants grown for the flowering of resin-like buds. This can also be referred to as legalization plants. Regular seeds obtained from this plant are also referred to as feminized or cross-bred cannabis plants. These seeds, when used as a source of marijuana, contain only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. Cross-breeding has allowed the creation of more potent buds that contain much higher levels of THC.

REGULAR SEEDS: These are the common result of cross-breeding with feminized seeds obtained from cannabis. They are also relatively easy to locate and cheap. One advantage of regular seeds is that they can be used for creating hybrid marijuana strains. These strains have different characteristics from each other, but tend to stay similar on most qualities. Some of these hybrid varieties have been named after the state where they originated, such as California’s “ondeophyllum cannabineum.”

ADVANTAGES: Unlike other varieties of cannabis plants, autoflowering seeds produce plants that are healthier than normal. They also grow faster and mature earlier than other plants. Because of these characteristics, they are ideal for growing in small indoor spaces. Many of these plants have also been used by professional breeders because of their desirable traits and ease of raising.

DISADVANTAGES: Because they contain only a small amount of THC, they do not create the same high that regular seeds produce. This makes them less popular with home gardeners who want a high, single-flower pot. Some disadvantages include limited shelf life and slow maturing time. These disadvantages, however, make them ideal for indoor growing space.

RUDIMENTALIS: An hybrid variety of cannabis, ruderalis, was created by crossing THC with the female component of marijuana, eliminating the need to use a feminization procedure. They have high levels of THC, but little to no psychoactive ingredients. Because ruderalis lacks THC, it is much easier for it to produce desirable results compared to regular seeds. It also matures more quickly than standard varieties, allowing it to flower in one season. Some experts believe that ruderalis varieties should be legalized because of its distinctiveness and potential benefits.

CONSEQUENTIAL POINT: Experts believe that regulating marijuana plant production to prevent development of psychoactive varieties would be an unfair practice. If introduced at the right time, female plants could produce regular seeds that contain a small amount of THC, which are full of pros and cons. In fact, many experts agree that regulating cannabis using only female flowers would allow marijuana plant breeding to occur easily and fairly evenly, providing a healthier crop. Others, however, do not agree and maintain that females should never be introduced until after regular seeds have matured and are ready to flower.

CONCLUSION: Despite the possible disadvantages and unknowns of some new strains, it appears that establishing marijuana flower buds using only regular seeds offers a number of advantages. They may be less subject to cross pollination and have fewer hybrids with psychoactive traits. Also, they will produce more buds at one time. However, until they are fully evaluated, it is unclear whether these advantages are enough to convince the FDA to regulate them.

The advantages and disadvantages of cannabis flower growing are likely to continue to improve. However, it is important to remember that the most effective method of cultivation remains natural with no interference from human activities. Regular breeders are simply better equipped to handle the constant flow of hybridization, which is likely to continue as long as cannabis is illegal. There are also many potential ecological and health benefits offered by the cultivation of regular seeds. While there is no way to guarantee that these advantages will pan out in the end, it is clear that marijuana plant breeders must continue to study and experiment with new techniques if they want to continue producing an herb that is safer and more beneficial to the environment and overall health of consumers.

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