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Some Seeds Need Special Care to Germinate


There are many different kinds of seeds and some of them need special care to grow. Some require fire to germinate, while others need to be soaked. In order to know if a seed needs special attention, you must look at its characteristics.


When a seed is sown in a moist soil, it begins to germinate. It is an important process that enables a plant to develop. The germination of seeds depends on various factors, including temperature, light, and water. In addition, a seed’s optimum temperature range varies between species.

Germination of seeds involves the development of the cotyledon. This long semi-hollow tubular structure encases the growing embryo. The cotyledon is the storage space for food needed for the germination of a seed.

Germination of seeds also involves the development of a radicle. A radicle is a tiny root that originates from the micropyle of the seed. These roots then grow down into the ground, providing water and nutrients to the plant.

Non-albuminous vs albuminous seeds

In plant science, the term “non-albuminous” refers to seeds that do not have the endosperm. This is the special nourishing tissue that helps to store food. During development, the embryo absorbs this endosperm and stores the food in the form of kernels. However, the mature seed carries no such endosperm.

The albuminous seeds, on the other hand, are those that do have the endosperm, and in fact, retain it during development. Some of these include peas, beans, and wheat. Similarly, other non-albuminous seeds include rice, corn, and vallisneria.

Both of these types of seeds are capable of performing the trippy functions, such as storing the necessary food for the embryo during development. Specifically, the albuminous seeds have a large amount of food in the form of starch, latex, and protein. They also have a number of appendages, like the aril, elaiosome, and hairs.


The endosperm is the part of the seed that provides the food for the growing plant. It is a nutritive tissue, containing proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that are stored and used during germination. During this process, the embryo will develop into a new plant.

Seeds are formed from the fruit or flower of a plant. They vary in size and shape. Some are edible, while others are not. Most seeds require a period of dormancy to develop. However, some seeds attach to the fur of passing animals, allowing them to be dispersed.

Endosperms are composed primarily of galactomannan. Galactomannan is a polysaccharide with a molecular weight of about 75,000 to 500,000. When depolymerized, it has a viscosity index of 1-8. Other components of the endosperm may include proteins, cellulose and other polysaccharides.

Exogenous vs endogenous seed dormancy

There are two types of seed dormancy, endogenous and exogenous. The latter can either be physical or chemical. Endogenous dormancy is associated with the embryo or endosperm, whereas exogenous dormancy is induced by external factors.

Dormancy in seeds is a complex trait that is of great importance to scientists. It is also an essential biological system that allows plants to survive in unfavorable conditions. This trait is especially important for crop cultivation. However, classification of dormancy is still controversial. Most seed scientists agree that different dormancy mechanisms can be found both inside and outside dormant seed.

In the present study, we investigated the mechanism of L.chinensis seed dormancy. Our results indicated that dormancy in L.chinensis seeds was controlled by a combination of promoting and inhibiting factors.

Some seeds need fire to germinate

Fire and smoke are powerful germination stimulators. They trigger germination for many species, including weedy plants. Many plants, including grasses and legumes, have adapted to fire. However, the mechanisms by which they respond to fire remain unknown.

Fire has been known to influence ecosystem function and structure. The chemical signals of smoke may travel long distances and influence seeds in the immediate post-fire environment. Plants in these environments may also respond to chemicals produced by fire, such as cyanohydrins.

Although fire may have a role in triggering germination in some species, the exact mechanism remains unclear. Indirect exposure to smoke is another method. This technique involves exposing seeds to smoke in water or in smoke-infused soil.

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