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Where to Find Regular Seed For Your Marijuana Plant

regular seed

If you are looking for regular seed for your marijuana plant, then you should consider a few things before you buy. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you want to make sure that you can get a high quality product. This is the main reason why you need to shop around for your seeds. You can do this by checking out the ratings of different companies. By doing so, you will be able to get the best products.

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is one of the top international online cannabis seed sellers. Its inventory is diverse, ranging from regular to feminized seeds. The company also offers free seeds with every order.

The company provides discreet shipping and customer service. You can also track your order. Customers praise the quality and convenience of Herbies seeds.

Some of the strains sold by Herbies Seeds are Blue Gelato 41, Peyote Critical, and Grandmommy Purple. These strains offer a variety of benefits, including energetic and relaxing benefits.

In addition to its regular seed varieties, Herbies Seeds also sells autoflowering and feminized strains. The company offers a 70% germination guarantee.

The company is based in Spain, but customers can purchase the products from any country. There are 10 payment methods to choose from.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is a cannabis seed bank founded in 1987 by Henk van Dalen. His goal was to offer top-shelf cannabis genetics to home growers.

Today, Dutch Passion has served millions of customers and has won over 50 awards. They have a selection of more than 50 varieties. These strains have a range of terpene profiles and heavy yields.

Their best-known strain is Mazar. It produces generous yields with a vigor and toughness that are reminiscent of a Christmas tree. This strain is an excellent choice for experienced growers.

Another strain is Blueberry. This Indica-heavy hybrid has a fruity flavor and aroma. This strain flowers in nine weeks. The flowering period is a little longer than other Dutch Passion strains.

Marijuana Seeds NL

Marijuana Seeds NL is a cannabis seed bank founded by a group of friends. The company has been in the cannabis industry since 1999. They are known for their high quality seeds and for providing excellent customer service.

MSNL has been producing its own genetics for over 20 years and offers its customers free worldwide shipping. It also offers a variety of other perks.

Their site contains a wealth of information. They offer a comprehensive FAQ section and a growing guide. Moreover, they have a special offer for West Coast strains.

In addition, they sell a large selection of high-quality, specialized marijuana seeds. Some of the varieties they carry have won awards.

Other features include a free shipping deal on orders above 55 pounds in the US and Europe. Additionally, they offer a free bonus seed for every PS20 spent.

Mary Jane’s Garden

Mary Jane’s Garden is a cannabis seed bank in Canada that is known for its quality products. They offer a range of seeds, feminized marijuana strains, and medicinal strains. These seeds are sourced from licensed seed banks all over the world.

They accept various payment methods, including credit cards and wire transfers. You can even leave a message on their website or call their customer service representatives. This way, you can get a personalized approach to grow your own marijuana plants.

Their shipping policy is also considered reliable. Shipping is fast to Canada and Europe, and they guarantee safe deliveries. In addition, their products are of high-quality and contain high THC. Moreover, their packages are discreet.

Customer service is another reason why customers love Mary Jane’s Garden. The company has a dedicated customer service staff that is available 24 hours a day. Not only can they answer any of your questions, they can also provide additional guidance.

MJ Seeds

The cannabis seed market is complicated. Not only are there different types of seeds available, there are also differences in legality across states. For beginners, navigating the seed market can be a challenge.

Some states prohibit the import of cannabis seeds. However, in adult-use legal states, it’s possible to buy cannabis seeds from within the state. Using a seed bank is a great way to ensure you are getting quality seeds.

There are a number of cannabis seed banks to choose from. Some of the best have been around for a while. They have a reputation for producing high-quality seeds and providing excellent customer service. These vendors will often offer promotional offers to keep customers coming back.

For instance, Mary Jane’s Garden sells over 450 high-quality seeds. With delivery success rates over 90%, the site is a great place to shop for a variety of strains.

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