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The Difference Between Feminized and Regular Seed

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If you are thinking of growing your own food, one of the most important things you will need is the right seeds. There are two types of seeds to choose from: feminized and regular. Each of these seeds has its own unique traits that you need to know about. Having the right seeds can help you grow healthy food that you can enjoy.


If you want to germinate regular seeds, you will need to know the right method. It can be a simple as using water, or it can take time. You should monitor your seeds daily to make sure they get the proper moisture.

Most seeds absorb oxygen, which helps them to gain energy and start a new life. They also need to be at the appropriate temperature for germination. Usually, the temperatures are warm enough to initiate germination, but too cold may cause them to go into dormancy.

Seeds will begin to germinate within 12 to 36 hours of moisture introduction. Once they are properly hydrated, they will start to sprout a radicle and shoot. Afterwards, an embryo will develop. This process is known as hypogeal germination.

During germination, a seed will break down the outer coat. In some cases, the inner surface may remain tough. For this reason, it’s essential to treat seeds gently before planting.


In order to create a stable marijuana strain, it’s important to understand how to cross-breed regular seed. There are two different techniques used to do this.

The first technique involves cross-breeding the parents. This is done to maintain a consistent genetic makeup and to improve plant traits. Generally, this technique is considered safe when it is performed in a controlled setting.

To do this, you will need to select female plants. These should be grown outdoors and not frozen. It is also advisable to provide extra nitrogen and fertilizer for their growth.

Typically, these plants will take several years to become perfect. After they are ready, they will begin to flower, and you will see them produce seeds. Eventually, they will start to grow on other Crops. You will have to wait until the second to last stage of their growth before you can begin planting the Crops.

Another technique, known as mutation breeding, involves exposing the seeds to light radiation and chemicals. Although this method can change the characteristics of the plant, it will usually result in a stable strain.

Feminized vs regular seeds

When you are trying to grow cannabis, you may wonder whether it is better to buy feminized seeds or regular seeds. It all depends on your budget, time and garden size.

Feminized seeds are produced by female plants, which produce high-quality weed. Females have a higher ratio of cannabinoids such as CBD. They also have a high genetic diversity.

Unlike regular seeds, feminized plants are treated to ensure they only produce females. The process involves spraying the parent plant with a substance. This non-toxic, safe and non-irritating chemical has been used for years to feminize seeds.

Besides ensuring quality weed, feminized seeds make cultivation easier. If you’re new to cannabis cultivating, a feminized seed may be more suitable for you. Using feminized seeds helps you avoid problems with males, which can be a hassle for growers.

Another advantage of feminized seeds is their ability to germination the right number of plants for your garden. If you have a small backyard or indoor grow room, feminized seeds will save you from overcrowding.

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