Best Regular Seeds

What Are Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds are a type of seeds that you will find in your garden. They come in a wide variety of varieties and can be bought for many different purposes. You can purchase them for germination, as a source of food for the garden or even as a source of medicine.

Feminized vs regular seeds

Most cannabis growers prefer feminized seeds. However, regular seeds are also a good choice. They have the same benefits, but have the added advantage of being cheaper. Moreover, they are easier to grow, and have more resilience.

Feminized seeds are made by treating seed cells with a chemical called colloidal silver. This process causes the offspring to produce only female plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds are better for novice cultivators. However, experienced cultivators should try out regular seeds.

Although a few seed banks still sell regular seeds, the majority of them have moved on to feminized seeds. The market for these products has grown to nearly 95% in Europe and the USA.

Feminized seeds can be a bit pricey, but there are some great deals available. You can get freebies with orders over $100, and they also offer a few strains with a BOGO deal.

If you’re planning on cultivating cannabis outdoors, letting nature take care of the females is a great idea. But you’ll need to make sure you have enough space to do it.

Feminized vs autoflowering seeds

There are two major types of cannabis seeds: feminized and autoflowering. Both are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, but they have distinct characteristics that growers should consider when selecting seeds.

Feminized plants offer more control over the gender of the plant and its final yield. They are also simpler to raise than autoflowering plants. If you are a beginner or inexperienced in marijuana growing, feminized seeds are a good choice. However, if you are looking to get more from your plants, autoflowering seeds might be a better option.

Autoflowering strains tend to be a bit smaller than feminized ones, but they are able to produce more potent buds. It’s important to note that, like feminized seeds, autoflowering plants will only flower in small quantities. That being said, you’ll still be able to harvest a quality crop.

Feminized cannabis plants are genetically modified to have only female chromosomes. This eliminates the male presence and makes the plant easier to cultivate. The plants will also be more resistant to pests. But, in return, you will need to spend more time caring for them.


Many people may not know this, but germination of regular seeds can be achieved. A number of factors play a role in this process, including temperature and moisture. In order to get your seeds off to a good start, here are some tips and tricks.

To start with, you should keep your seeds away from direct sunlight. This could make your seedlings miss the mark.

You should also prepare the soil for the plant. There are various methods for this. If you’re just starting out, you might want to experiment with different techniques.

One of the simplest is to simply dampen the soil and place the seeds in the pot. Alternatively, you can use a plant mister to do this. However, you’ll need to be careful not to disturb the water level.

Another trick is to place your seeds in a warm but dark cupboard overnight. This will allow them to germinate in a timely fashion.

Hermie tendencies

Hermies are natural traits of a cannabis plant that can be seen in regular seeds and feminized seeds. If you are growing your own marijuana, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of hermies. Not all strains are susceptible to hermaphroditism, though.

A hermaphrodite plant is one that has the ability to produce both male and female flowers. They also have the ability to produce pollen. This is a very important trait in cannabis plants, because if they were to lose their pollination ability, they would not receive fresh genetics from external pollinators.

Some strains of marijuana are more prone to hermaphroditism than others. Most small scale cultivators want to have an exclusively female crop, and this is why most use feminized seeds. However, hermies can still arise if a grower is not careful.

Hermaphroditism is a survival adaptation that allows plants to produce both male and female flowers. It can occur when a plant is under stress, or when diseases or pests threaten it.

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