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How Regular Seed Is Produced

regular seed

Regular seeds are the result of a cross between a male and female Cannabis plant. This means that their genetic information contains both sexes and they will show one or the other depending on several factors.

Regular seeds are less expensive than feminized ones and can be used to breed your own strains. They also give you a higher chance of finding new phenotypes.


Breeding occurs when two different plants or animals produce offspring that display a particular trait. The traits are then passed on to subsequent generations.

In the cannabis world, breeding has led to the development of feminized and autoflowering seeds. These seeds promise to grow plants that are cannabinoid-rich, bud-producing, and free from male flowers.

Regular seed is another option for growers. It allows you to experiment with different strains and terpene profiles.

You can even combine different genotypes and phenotypes to create new cultivars. It’s a fun and rewarding way to keep up with the latest developments in marijuana genetics.

One of the drawbacks of feminized seeds is that they run the risk of becoming hermaphrodites when they are stressed, such as by topping or fimming. This means that you will need to be extra careful when handling feminized seeds.


Cloning is the process of producing an individual from a cell that has been transferred from another adult organism, often with the purpose of improving genetic traits. This technique has also been used to produce fabled strains of plants that are not available in the wild, and to create livestock such as goats, pigs or cattle.

Clones are generally produced by asexual means, such as parthenogenesis or budding. Some animals, including aphids, rotifers, certain lizards, snakes, birds and reptiles, also reproduce by this method.

The rate of self-fertilisation in clonal plants depends on the clonal architecture, which determines whether a clone grows in a guerrilla or phalanx manner (Lovett-Doust 1981; Barrett 2015). In a guerrilla strategy, long distances between vegetative ramets reduce inter-genet distances and facilitate cross-fertilisation by introducing more inter-genet dispersals.

A number of concerns have been raised regarding cloning, most notably that it could lead to discriminatory behaviour towards clones because it would blur the boundaries between generations. However, critics have argued that this concern is based on a fallacious inference and does not constitute a valid reason for avoiding cloning.


The study of genes – the fundamental units responsible for heredity – is one of the central pillars of biology. All living things have many genes, which control the chemical reactions in their cells.

During reproduction, these genes are passed from parents to offspring. They also vary among individuals within groups, in a process called natural selection.

Genetics is the study of how genes are passed from parent to offspring, and how these variations affect traits such as health and growth. It was largely developed in the 19th century by Gregor Mendel, who characterized the laws of heredity and discovered that genetics is a system of inheritance.

Seed size and number are important life-history traits in cereal crops that can affect their fitness, yield, and market value. Understanding the genetic architecture of these traits and any possible trade-offs between them is crucial for predicting their impact on crop productivity (Venable 1992; Sadras 2007).


The cost of regular seed production is a significant part of the overall costs associated with producing cannabis seeds. This is because the seed grower has to factor in all the expenses of running the business, including rent, energy and water.

Generally, it is much more expensive to produce high-quality seed than lower-cost varieties. This is because of the intensive development and research that goes into these seeds.

As a result, the price that seed banks charge for their products is largely determined by supply and demand. This means that the prices of seeds go up when seed stocks are low and down when they are high.

In addition, there are a number of ways that producers can reduce the cost of their products. For example, some seed companies offer discounts and promotions. These discounts can help to significantly decrease the cost of seed products.

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