Best Regular Seeds

What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular seeds are the natural offspring of a pollinated female cannabis plant. They have a 50% chance of developing into either male or female plants.

During germination, these seeds are exposed to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity that may affect their sex. They can also develop into hermaphrodites (plants that produce both male and female flowers).

They are cheaper

Regular seeds are cheaper than other types of seeds, and they’re a good option for new growers. They come with unaltered genetics, so they’re more resistant to pests and diseases than feminized seeds.

They’re also easy to breed with, and can help you create new strains with interesting phenotypes. But they do have their own set of problems, too.

Unlike feminized seeds, regular cannabis seeds produce plants that have a 50/50 chance of becoming male or female. This means that you’ll need to sex them before flowering, and remove males when necessary to ensure your harvest is potent and healthy.

However, you can also find feminized seeds that are guaranteed to be bud-producing females. These are a better option for beginner growers, because you won’t have to worry about accidentally pollinating males or having stray ones sneak into your crop.

They are easier to grow

Compared to other types of seeds, regular seeds are easier to grow. Their predictable nature means they’re more suitable for beginners and those with limited space in their growing areas.

Regular cannabis seeds usually produce 50/50 female and male offspring, which is perfect for cultivators who want to ensure a stable yield. However, these plants also produce fewer THC-rich flowers than feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, have been bred using agronomic techniques to remove the chance of a male plant growing. This allows breeders to create new cultivars and produce superior clones without worrying about them becoming hermaphrodites.

While feminized seeds may not be as pure as the seeds they replace, they do allow growers to practise their cultivation skills and learn more about growing in the process. They’re also an important part of keeping a diverse gene pool. This allows breeders to create new strain phenotypes and develop interesting genetics. These traits are hard to achieve through breeding with a single variety.

They are better for breeding

Regular seeds are the original cannabis seeds and are a great choice for growers looking to try their hand at breeding. They have a 50 percent chance of emerging as either male or female plants, which makes them ideal for both phenohunting and back crossing to create new cultivars.

They also have a higher genetic stability than feminized seeds, which means they can be kept for taking cuttings and clones (known as asexual reproduction). These are both useful practices that feminized seeds can’t offer, so regular seeds are always worth considering when it comes to breeding your own strains.

They are often used by old school growers and breeders that want to preserve their favorite genetics in seed form. They’re also a good option for those who are trying their hand at hybridization, as they can be combined with other cannabis strains to produce better-quality clones.

They are more versatile

When it comes to breeding and cloning, regular seeds are more versatile than other types of cannabis seeds. They have a 50% chance of emerging as either male or female, making them ideal for breeders to use to create new cultivars.

In addition, they are more resilient than feminized seeds and are also easier to grow. Hence, they are ideal for beginner growers who want to learn how to properly grow cannabis.

Sunflower seeds are a great source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation and improve heart health. They are also a good source of zinc, folate and vitamin E.

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