Best Regular Seeds

Types of Regular Seed

regular seed

Cannabis seeds come in many forms: autoflowering, feminized, and regular. Each type of seed offers growers a certain set of benefits.

For growers wanting to breed, experiment, or guarantee rigorous growth, photoperiod (regular) seeds are often the choice. Unlike autoflowering seeds, they don’t need to be switched from vegetative growth to flowering because they depend on a light schedule.

Alien Technology

Alien Technology is a rare and powerful out of this world pure breed indica Afghani landrace marijuana strain with an earthy richness and distinctive fragrance. Its terpene profile combines caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene to create cloud swirls awash in prominent herbal and saturated soil aromas.

This potent indica cultivar produces a head high that’s equal parts sedative and narcotic, providing cerebral, calming, and euphoric sensations to soothe the senses, sharpen focus, and boost creativity. It may also be used to relieve anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia.

Regular seed produces photoperiod crops that grow and flower depending on their exposure to daylight, requiring a strict lighting schedule to reach their various life stages. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, produce photoperiod plants that enter their flowering phase with an equal amount of darkness and light.


A sweet-toothed connoisseur’s dream, Blueberry is a potent Indica cultivar with a powerful fruity punch and an uplifting cerebral high. It has a long list of potential therapeutic benefits, and it’s said to help treat insomnia, muscle pain, fatigue, headaches and irritability.

It’s a highly versatile strain that thrives in Sea of Green environments and has a strong flowering period when grown indoors. It also grows well in hydroponic systems and will produce a bountiful harvest of resinous buds.

During the flowering period, the plant develops gorgeous red, purple and blue colorations in addition to a pleasantly fruity scent. It’s a great choice for growers looking for an easy-to-grow and high-yielding strain.


Grapefruit seed extract has antimicrobial properties, and it’s often added to throat sprays, nasal sprays, mouthwashes, ear drops, shower gels, toothpaste, wound disinfectant sprays, and other personal care products. It’s a popular alternative to synthetic preservatives in the natural products industry, which is why you’ll see it in so many products.

It also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Its antimicrobial properties can help kill the bacteria that cause a variety of conditions like urinary tract infections, acne, heart disease and diabetes, yeast infections, and more.

The only real negative thing about GSE is that it’s often adulterated with unlisted chemicals to increase its antimicrobial effectiveness. This is a major concern for anyone considering taking GSE supplements, especially for chronic conditions, as they could cause serious adverse effects or even life-threatening side effects.

Moby Dick

Known for her high yield and mind-blowing effect, Moby Dick is one of the most popular Sativa strains on the market. She’s a cross between Haze and White Widow, and her incredibly potent results are well worth the effort expended on her.

The result is a heavy-yielding, sativa-dominant hybrid that boasts huge dark green nugs with amber pistils and frosty white trichomes. Despite being extremely resilient against molds, mildews and diseases, Moby Dick requires a fair amount of maintenance to flourish.

Outdoor cultivators can expect a monster yield, especially if they manage to control her hefty size – much like the legendary white whale! Indoors, growers can expect a hefty harvest of 17.5-23 oz/m2 after 8-10 weeks.

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder is a Sativa-leaning weed strain that offers an elusive mental high with a mellow and relaxing body high. It is a good choice for beginner smokers and for medical cannabis patients who seek relief from chronic pain or stress.

The onset of the high is a head buzzing rush that brings the user a feeling of euphoria and genuine happiness. One is able to smile with a true sense of contentment and is often found giggling for no reason at all.

This weed strain has a mildly potent high that gives the user a boost of energy and creativity. Its relaxing effects also provide the body with a calm and peaceful feeling, even without strong sedation.

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