Best Regular Seeds

The Advantages of Regular Seed

regular seed

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds that have an ideal male / female balance of 50% each. This proportion is influenced by luck and environmental conditions, but it’s rare not to get a female plant out of every 10 germinated seeds.

For many growers, regular seed is the best way to start breeding their own strains. This process is highly rewarding and requires a lot of patience, but it will reward you with amazing strains in the long run!

They are cheaper

If you’re not concerned about having male plants around, regular seeds are a great option. They’re cheaper than feminized seed and will give you bud-producing plants from approximately half the number of seeds.

In addition, these seeds are easier to grow than feminized seeds and produce a higher yield. They also deal with stress better, making them ideal for cloning.

For these reasons, they’re a popular choice for growers who don’t want to waste time sexing their seeds. They’re also popular with breeders who create their own strains.

They are more versatile

A regular seed may be less flashy than its feminized or autoflowering counterpart, but it still comes with some major advantages. For one, the triumvirate of seeds can be used for multiple purposes, including flowering, seeding and harvesting. Moreover, they can be more easily stored and transported, making them the preferred choice for growers who want to minimize their risk of disaster.

The most exciting thing about the regular old seed is that it offers growers the chance to experiment with all sorts of facets of cultivation. For example, you can get an idea of how to optimize the crop and the growing medium to achieve your desired yield without compromising on quality. Similarly, a little bit of research can help you pick the right hybrid for your needs. As you plan your garden, be sure to use the right tools for the job and choose the best possible location for your crops. Having the right seeds and equipment in place will go a long way towards ensuring your crop is a resounding success!

They are easier to breed

Whether you’re interested in breeding your own strains or simply experimenting with different genotypes, regular seeds are ideal for the task. They provide a 50% chance of producing females or male plants, meaning you can enjoy more variety and greater choice when it comes to your cannabis plant.

Breeding marijuana is one of the most fun aspects of growing. It allows growers to create new and unique strains that exhibit the specific traits they’re looking for, such as extreme potency or a particular flavour profile.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that breeding marijuana can be challenging and can require a lot of effort and time. For this reason, feminized seeds may be more suitable for those with limited space or those who must comply with strict seed-caps.

Overall, feminized seeds are much easier to breed than other types of seed, which makes them a better choice for cultivators who want to expand their repertoire of cannabis plants. With a little practice and dedication, you can develop your own strains that are truly exceptional.

They are more reliable

Regular seeds are the original cannabis seeds, and they still provide growers with many advantages over other types of seed. They offer growers a chance to breed their own strains and develop strong, healthy clones.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality strains that contain certain terpenes or potency levels, or just want to experiment with different colours and morphologies, you can do so through cloning. Without regular seeds, breeding would be impossible, and it would be impossible to create strong clones for use in future crops.

Feminized seeds are also a good choice for beginners, as they simplify the process of breeding. They eliminate the complexities of genetics and pollination, making it easier for growers to develop their skills and build up their knowledge of marijuana cultivation.

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